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Why I Love Sunderland: Aussie expat Marc on life down under and loving the lads as a boy

Marc Hall - a mackem exiled in Australia - remembers watching Sunderland’s ‘73 winners bus rolling by as we talk about Ian Porterfield, Top Trumps and what it means to be home.

Why I Love Sunderland: Australian Lads fan Michael Skehan on supporting the boys from down under

Meet Michael Skehan - a massive Lads fan born and raised in Australia, who only supports Sunderland by virtue of the fact his ancestors emigrated from Wearside almost 100 years ago.

Why I Love Sunderland: Greek Lads fan Sotirios on Roker Park, Annabelles, & SAFC in the 90s!

Greek Lads fan Sotirios Soulakiotis tell us all about how a young man with absolutely no affiliation to Sunderland started a 25-year association with the club after finding himself at Roker Park in the mid-90s.

WHY I LOVE SUNDERLAND: ‘Enjoy League One!’ - Memories of 1987 & how we’re loving football again

Mike Dalzell - a Massive Lads Fan from Stockport - tells his story of why he loves Sunderland and how after years of hurt we’re back enjoying football again, just like we did during our last third tier season in 1987.

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