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Fine tactical analysis from the team here at Roker Report.

Talking Tactics: What does the data tell us about where Sunderland went wrong on Tuesday?

In a disappointing result & performance, Sunderland failed to defeat relegation-threatened Shrewsbury - here’s what the data tells us.

Talking Tactics: Did Sunderland deserve to win against Ipswich? Here’s what the data says...

After enduring a difficult run of form, Sunderland returned to winning ways at home against a resilient Ipswich Town. What does the data say about the performance?

Talking Tactics: What does the data tell us, and how can Lee Johnson fix Sunderland’s form?

For Sunderland’s form to drop off as badly as it has, something has changed - so what does the data tell us about what Lee Johnson needs to alter if he’s going to get us back on track?

Talking Tactics: What worrying trends show up in Sunderland’s data after Rotherham defeat?

Sunderland suffered defeat for the second time in as many league games when travelling to Rotherham on Saturday. Is our third defeat against a side using 3-5-2 a sign that Lee Johnson needs to go back to the drawing board with our current formation?

Talking Tactics: What the data tells us about Sunderland’s home defeat to Charlton

Our 100% home record this season fell by the wayside thanks to a controversial Jayden Stockley goal. Here’s how it happened.

Talking Tactics: The data behind Sunderland’s demolition of Crewe - what does it tell us?

Sunderland put in a complete performance in the North West to get the better of Crewe Alexandra. Here’s what the data says about our most recent victory.

Talking Tactics: Were Sunderland lucky to win at Gillingham? Here’s what the data tell us...

Now that the dust has settled, we take a look at the data to see what it tells us about Sunderland’s performance at Gillingham - did we deserve the win, or were we lucky?

Talking Tactics: What went wrong for Sunderland at Pompey? We look at the data...

Sunderland suffered a humbling defeat away to Portsmouth on Saturday - and here’s why the weather can’t take all of the blame for the Lads’ poor defensive performance...

Talking Tactics: What does the data tell us about Sunderland’s performance v Cheltenham Town?

The Lads tore apart Cheltenham in one of the most dominant and resounding displays we’ve seen at the SoL for some time. Here’s what all the data and analytics say about the performance.

Talking Tactics: What does the data tell us about Sunderland’s performance v Bolton?

What does the data tell us about how Sunderland played against Bolton, and how we managed to get the three points and a well-earned clean sheet?

Talking Tactics: What does the data tell us about Sunderland’s performance on Saturday?

Sunderland dropped just their fifth point of the season at Fleetwood, despite taking a two-goal lead, but why? We take a look at what the data tells us about the way the game played out on Saturday...

Talking Tactics: The data shows why Sunderland were deserved winners v Accrington

We look at what the data tells us about Sunderland’s win over Accrington - and why, on the balance of play, the Lads were deserved winners in the end.

Talking Tactics: What does the data tell us about Sunderland’s fantastic start to the season?

Sunderland are top of League One after a strong start to the 2021/22 season. After five matches, we look at the data and evaluate what has changed, from playing style to key performance metrics.

Talking Tactics: Lee Johnson gets it right again as Sunderland go top of the league

Here’s how Sunderland avoided falling into Wycombe’s trap to go top of the league with another home win - let’s look at what the data tells us about the way that The Lads played!

Talking Tactics: What the data reveals about Sunderland’s win over Wimbledon

The lads returned to winning ways at the SoL on Saturday with a hard-fought but well-earned 1-0 victory thanks to Carl Winchester’s strike. Here’s what the data tells us about the performance.

Talking Tactics: Does Sunderland’s Burton data tell us anything that we should be worried about?

In a frustrating match, Sunderland wasted chances in the first half and Burton ruthlessly scored with their only shot on target. What does the data say?

Talking Tactics: Breaking down Sunderland’s gameplan after beating MK Dons away

Sunderland’s non-penalty xG was below that of their hosts MK Dons from open play - but did they deserve to travel back up north with all three points?

Talking Tactics: Why Sunderland were deserved winners against a fast-starting Wigan

The data tells us that Sunderland deserved their win over Wigan on Saturday, but what else can we glean from the statistics? Brandon Feeley goes in-depth in the first Talking Tactics of the 2020-21 season...

Talking Tactics: What did we learn about Lee Johnson’s plans from Sunderland’s win v Hearts?

What does what we saw from Sunderland during Saturday’s win over Hearts tell us about Lee Johnson’s plans for the team going forward? We take a deeper look...

Talking Tactics: What does the data tell us about Sunderland’s performance at Lincoln?

Sunderland lost 2-0 in the opening leg of the League One playoff semi finals on Wednesday night, with Lincoln’s incisive counter-attacks causing a myriad of defensive issues for the away side. What does the data tell us?

Talking Tactics: Who should Lee Johnson choose in Sunderland’s starting XI v Lincoln?

We’ve analysed the data, and this is what it’s showing...

Talking Tactics: Pressing is back - & Sunderland have a new weapon in ‘centralised’ Jordan Jones

It wasn’t all doom and gloom against Northampton - Chris Maguire proved why he’s a worthy option, pressing is back, and Jordan Jones playing centrally gives Sunderland an alternative in attack.

Talking Tactics: How Sunderland finally achieved an overdue victory

Sunderland recorded their 2nd highest shots count in a game this season (24) and the highest amount of shots on target this season (11) - the perfect response!

Talking Tactics: Sunderland were actually unlucky in their loss to Blackpool - here’s why

Lee Johnson didn’t tinker much with Sunderland’s personnel or formation, but his tactics were far more "back-to-basics" as Blackpool nicked all three points through one moment of magic.

Talking Tactics: How did Sunderland manage to sacrifice a lead twice against Accrington Stanley?

Sunderland managed to surrender a lead twice against Accrington Stanley on Saturday. How did this happen and were The Lads unlucky?

Talking Tactics: How Sunderland’s change in formation resulted in a much-improved performance

Lee Johnson’s change in formation yielded better results from Sunderland at Hull, despite having to settle for a point. We look closer at the data to see what it tells us...

Talking Tactics: Looking deeper at the stats - how can Sunderland improve their game management?

The numbers from Sunderland’s loss at Blackpool are similar to the numbers from games we played during our unbeaten run, but why are we losing now?

Talking Tactics: What can Sunderland expect from Blackpool?

Sunderland’s automatic promotion chances hinge on collecting three points against Blackpool, who have flown up the league table since Christmas. Can we use the loss of Elliot Embleton to our advantage?

Talking Tactics: Looking closely at what went wrong for Sunderland against Wigan

There is no point sugar-coating this result and performance - for 35 minutes all seemed decent, but then disaster struck. Here’s what the data shows us about what went wrong for Sunderland at Wigan.

Talking Tactics: Analysing what went right & what went wrong for Sunderland on Saturday

Brandon Feeley looks deeper at Sunderland’s tactics and game-plan from Saturday’s performance against Charlton - what can we learn from what the data shows us?

Talking Tactics: Tactical subs prove crucial for Posh in League One promotion clash

Sunderland and Peterborough played out a close encounter and shared the points at the final whistle – but how did the game look from a data perspective?

Talking Tactics: Will Fergie’s tactical tweaks for Posh cause Sunderland problems today?

Following a hot and cold run of form, Darren Ferguson has made minor changes to keep Peterborough alive in the race for promotion. What can Sunderland learn from this?


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