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Fine tactical analysis from the team here at Roker Report.

Talking Tactics: Breaking down Sunderland’s gameplan in the first leg v Luton - what did we do?

How did Tony Mowbray smother Luton Town’s aerial dominance in a tight Playoff Semi-Final first leg at the Stadium of Light?

Talking Tactics: Mogga’s tactical switch enables Sunderland to overcome Preston

Tony Mowbray’s men (boys?) passed their way past Preston and into the play-offs, taking advantage of huge spaces in the channels on either side of the home side's back three - but one key tactical change swung the match in our favour.

Talking Tactics: West Brom (A) - How did Mowbray mastermind Sunderland’s victory?

Sunderland have dragged themselves back into the playoff hunt with two games left to go, how did Tony Mowbray help to manufacture yet another wonderful team goal at the Hawthorns on Sunday?

Talking Tactics: Who won the tactical battle between Mowbray and Warnock?

How did Neil Warnock smother Sunderland’s plethora of attacking talent, resulting in a frustrating night at the Stadium of Light for Sunderland?

Talking Tactics: How did Tony Mowbray’s game-plan work to perfection against Norwich?

What was Tony Mowbray’s game-plan at Norwich, and how did the Sunderland players carry it out? RR’s resident analyst Coel Young dissects the performance

Talking Tactics: Breaking down Sunderland’s gameplan against Bristol City

Two of the most in-form and attractive on the eye-test teams shared points at the SoL on Saturday in an ultimately frustrating but impressive - in isolation - result. However, both play a very similar brand of football and their league position belies their quality.

Talking Tactics: Risks in possession pay off for Sunderland against an organised Reading

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young is back to dissect Sunderland’s frustrating-yet-rewarding performance against time-wasters Reading. What was Mowbray’s gameplan, and how did we execute it?

Talking Tactics: How Sunderland’s midfield controlled the game against Boro

On Sunday afternoon, the lads defeated local rivals Middlesbrough with a controlled display highlighting a few tactical curiosities - including a different form of pressing, Trai Hume excelling as an ‘inverted full-back’, and Dan Neil running the show.

Talking Tactics: How did Swansea break through Sunderland’s well organised ten man defence?

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young dissects Tony Mowbray’s gameplan against Swansea, and ponders how The Swans managed to successfully break down Sunderland’s well-organised rearguard

Talking Tactics: Deep dive into Dan Neil’s new role in Sunderland’s late comeback win

Dan Neil has been trusted to play in a deeper role in recent weeks, and did so with aplomb against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup. Here’s how he has fared in the role

Talking Tactics: Sunderland’s attacking overloads overwhelm makeshift Wigan defence

Despite a minor scare allowing Wigan back in the game, Sunderland’s territorial domination and risky movements paid dividends and showed the gulf in class between two promoted teams.

Talking Tactics: Looking back at what went right and what went wrong at Hull

Were there any lessons we can take from our trip to Hull and what do we want to keep doing next time around? Hopefully it’s all in our look at our review of the tactical battle last time out...

Talking Tactics: Inability to react to tactical change costs Sunderland & Mowbray

In spite of cruising to a 1-0 win, a tactical switch from WBA boss Carlos Corberan changed the complexion of the entire game as the Lads surrendered another lead at home.

Talking Tactics: Breaking down Sunderland’s fantastic second half performance against Millwall

In a drab first half, Sunderland were far too narrow and played into Millwall’s hands - but playing riskier and stretching the opposition made a huge difference in a dominant second half.

Talking Tactics: Overloads, quick rotations and use of width secure Sunderland a point at Kenilworth

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young is back to break down Sunderland’s performance at Luton in a way only he can - what did we do from a performance standpoint that ensured we escaped with a point?

Talking Tactics: Why was Sunderland’s collapse against Burnley probably nothing to worry about?

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young dissects Sunderland’s collapse against Burnley, now that the dust has settled - and he doesn’t think there’s too much to worry about!

Talking Tactics: Tony Mowbray’s tactical changes help Sunderland overcome Wigan

Blackburn Rovers fans warned us that Mogga finds it difficult making changes in game to turn the tide, yet on Saturday he proved them wrong - here’s how

Talking Tactics: How did Blackpool nullify Sunderland’s excellent first half attacking display?

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young is back to dissect Sunderland’s tactical display against Blackpool - how did the away side manage to successfully nullify us after we dominated in the first half?

Talking Tactics: Analysing Sunderland’s gameplan in the draw with Preston

Two sides, two totally different gameplans - but it ended all square. How did Sunderland set up, and why couldn’t we break Preston down?

Talking Tactics: What does the data say about Striker-less Sunderland against Watford?

Sunderland battled Watford at Vicarage Road on Saturday and secured a well earned point. What does the data tell us about the performance?

Talking Tactics: Why Sunderland thrived playing with a False 9 in the 3-0 demolition of Reading

While many may have thought it luck or chance, many others saw a disaster with Ellis Simms’ injury - but Tony Mowbray saw an opportunity, one that has been in the works all season long.

Talking Tactics: How did Ross Stewart’s absence disrupt Sunderland’s game plan against ‘Boro?

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young is back to dissect Sunderland’s performance at Boro on Monday - how did the absence of Rossco disrupt Sunderland’s game plan?

Talking Tactics: What the data shows us about savvy Sunderland’s demolition of Rotherham

Sunderland kicked off the Tony Mowbray era with a clinical display against Rotherham at the Stadium of Light. What does the data tell us about the game?

Talking Tactics: Norwich defeat highlights the foundations for Alex Neil’s successor

Now that the dust has settled, RR’s resident analyst Coel Young looks closer at Sunderland’s performance on Saturday - and there are some promising observations that should ensure the next man has a good start.

Talking Tactics: Michael O'Neill fails to emulate Sunderland as Black Cats win 1-0 at Stoke

The former Northern Ireland boss lined his side up in a familiar formation with all-new tactics in an attempt to match the Lads up, but for the first time this season a defensively resolute performance resulted in a clean sheet & all three points.

Talking Tactics: How did Dan Neil’s red card undo a promising Sunderland game-plan?

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young is back once again to dissect Sunderland’s latest performance in a way only he can - how did Dan Neil’s sending off undo our promising game plan at Sheff Utd?

Talking Tactics: Why the data shows that Sunderland shouldn’t panic about the QPR result

We all know how the result went on Saturday, but what does the data tell us about Sunderland’s performance against QPR? Brandon Feeley dives deep to find out...

Talking Tactics: How ultra-aggressive and clinical Sunderland managed to beat Bristol City

Ellis Simms and Ross Stewart showed signs of sparking a potentially potent partnership at Ashton Gate on Saturday, finishing off some clinical attacking play. Here’s what the data shows.

Talking Tactics: Sunderland’s intelligent and aggressive pressing undone by smart Robins changes

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young is back to dissect Sunderland’s performance at the weekend - what did we do well in the first half that we weren’t able to do in the second?

Player Analysis: What type of player is new signing Aji Alese?

Good on the ball, great at reading the game, and dominant in the air... it looks like we’ve got another good’un on our hands with Aji Alese!

Player Analysis: What are new signing Daniel Ballard’s strengths and weaknesses?

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young takes a detailed look at what Sunderland can expect from new signing Daniel Ballard - what are his main strengths and weaknesses?

Talking Tactics: High press and low risk in possession - how Alex Neil guided us to the final

RR’s resident analyst Coel Young breaks down how Alex Neil navigated Sunderland to the playoff final with a fine away performance at Hillsborough on Monday...

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