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Roker Rapport TV - Roker Report's Youtube TV show, brought to you by Connor Bromley and friends.

RRTV: Sunderland win AGAIN! Analysing the AFC Wimbledon victory - League One is CLASS!

Connor Bromley reviews Sunderland 2-1 win against Wimbledon and discusses Sunderland’s chances of winning against Oxford next weekend. Plus, he addresses whether Sunderland are best off outside the Premier League at the moment - especially after watching Newcastle struggle for points this season.

RRTV: Should Lee Cattermole ever play for Sunderland again?! PLUS - reacting to the Luton draw

Roker Rapport TV is back - this week we’re discussing the draw down at Luton on Saturday, and we ponder whether Lee Cattermole has a future at Sunderland. Catch the show on Youtube!

RRTV: Reviewing Sunderland’s DRAMATIC victory over Charlton - can they now beat Luton?!

IT’S THE FIRST RRTV OF THE SEASON! Connor Bromley analyses Sunderland’s 2-1 victory over Charlton on the opening day and ponders whether they can get a positive result at Luton... using Subbuteo.

RRTV: Are Sunderland the best team in League One? Plus... transfers, previewing Charlton & MORE!

Connor Bromley answers your questions ahead of the new season, picks his starting XI for Sunderland’s game at the weekend and addresses potential transfers. Click here to subscribe to our channel!

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