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The Roundtable - where the Roker Report writers get together to argue their case!

Will Danny Batth plug the hole in Sunderland’s defence?

The big centre back was signed from Stoke City yesterday. so we asked our panel... What do you make of Danny Batth’s addition and how do you see him fitting in and improving the team?

Just one of those nights, or did Lincoln exploit Sunderland’s chronic lack of physicality?

Was the Lincoln defeat just one of those nights, or do Sunderland have a real issue when facing the more physical sides?

Roker Roundtable: Are Sunderland taking the right approach by going ahead with tomorrow’s game? 

Covid and injuries may have given some clubs cause to postpone games, but Kristjaan Speakman has announced that the Lads will play on and recalled our loanees as cover. Is it the right move?

What’s been Sunderland’s best performance so far this season?

We’re just over halfway through the season, and there have been some memorable performances from Sunderland already - which one do you think has been our best?

How important is Sunderland’s trip to Wycombe in the context of the season?

Given where Wycombe are in the league and the fact we can go back top with a win (Rotherham and Wigan are both playing in the FA Cup), how important would a win be in the context of the season?

Two Up, Two Down: Our panel give their view on Sunderland’s festive victory at Donny

Surely there are plenty of positives and not too many negatives to take away from the Bank Holiday Monday lunchtime kick-off... let’s see!

Is the mood amongst supporters changing for the better after recent results?

Do you feel like the mood in the fanbase is changing now that performances and results are going well, and do you feel confident that we can keep kicking on like we are… or do you expect another slip sometime soon?

Two Up, Two Down: What were the big positives & negatives from SAFC 2-1 Plymouth?

Worst referee ever? Possibly. Gary Bennett on the radio said the man in the middle ruined the game – but there were plenty of positives too that the ref couldn’t affect... even if he tried his best.

How important for the morale of everyone at the club - fans included - was that win last night?

Just how important for belief and morale was that win last night, and what does it tell us about these players, and the manager?

Two Up, Two Down: What positives & negatives can we pluck from Sunderland’s latest performance?

The dust has settled, and we can now look at Saturday’s performance through a more objective lens. What are the biggest positives and negatives that we can pluck from our 1-1 draw with Oxford?

What would be an ‘acceptable’ December for Sunderland?

With results so far being ‘good’ without being ‘spectacular’, what would constitute an acceptable festive period for Sunderland?

Square pegs in round holes: How should Lee Johnson deal with our full-back crisis?

With Gooch & O’Nien filling in at full-back, and two central defenders on the bench, does it make sense to go three at the back, or stick with players doing a job until the likes of Cirkin are fit again?

Sunderland need a win - what tactical tweaks should Lee Johnson make against Ipswich?

It’s fairly obvious that teams have worked our how to expose our biggest weaknesses. That, combined with poor results, means Lee Johnson needs to freshen the team and tactics up. What should he do on Saturday?

How much of our bad form is down to the sheer amount of away games we’ve had?

Why would you say our away form is so different to our record at home this season - is the fact we’ve played one league fixture at the SoL in the last six league games a big factor in our dip in form?

Has the international break been a good thing, or has the time out ramped up the pressure?

Do you think the timing of the international break was a good thing to give time for the squad to regroup and focus, or will the time out have meant the extra time might have increased the pressure to get a result against Ipswich?

January’s right around the corner; what business do Sunderland need to do when the window opens?

With January in the not-so-distant future, what changes do you expect we’ll see in the squad? Who will leave, where do we need to strengthen - and importantly, what are the characteristics that our team is sorely lacking that we need to add when the chance arises?

Roker Roundtable: Why is Women’s Football Weekend so important for us Sunderland fans?

This weekend, the Lasses take centre stage. We’ve asked our three of our male writers what they love about the women’s game and what they’ve got planned this Sunday..

Does there need to be a change in approach on Tuesday after our horror show down at Rotherham?

Based on what we saw at Rotherham, what change in approach do we need to make going into Tuesday?

2 Up, 2 Down: Can we glean any positives from the Charlton defeat?

The consensus from our panel is... Gooch coming back good, referee bad! Plus there are plenty more hot takes in today’s roundtable feature.

Two Up, Two Down: What are the biggest positives and negatives to take from Sunderland’s performance?

It was a hard earned three points with plenty of talking points as we discuss the positives and negatives of our win at Gillingham!

Who would be a good person to bring into Sunderland to play the Paul McShane role, and why?

On Wednesday, Manchester United fielded an U23s side that included an experienced old head - Paul McShane, who is a player-coach for their young side. Who could Sunderland bring into the club in a similar capacity?

Roker Roundtable: How can Sunderland Ladies start creating more clear-cut chances?

With top-of-the-table Durham travelling up the A690 on Sunday lunchtime, Sunderland will need to create and score more goals if they’re to get back to winning ways. Here’s what our panel thinks might work...

How should Lee Johnson approach the Lincoln game on Tuesday after being humbled by Pompey?

Stick yourself in Johnson’s shoes - after Saturday’s twatting, and the fact we have no game next weekend, how would you approach this Lincoln game on Tuesday in terms of preparation, attitude and selection?

Haway then - how are you feeling after yesterday’s drubbing?

Well, not quite sure we saw that result coming - so how are you feeling a day later, now that you’ve had a chance to calm down a bit?

Roker Roundtable: Should Lee Johnson give two up front more of a chance this season?

With Nathan Broadhead and Ross Stewart linking up so well on Tuesday, will Lee Johnson look to reunite the pair when the Everton loanee returns from injury?

Wowza - just sum up how Sunderland’s thrashing of Cheltenham made you feel...

Are you still absolutely buzzing about last night like we are? Bask in it - read all about how Sunderland’s silky skills made our gaggle of fine Lads fans feel...

Two Up, Two Down: What are the big positives and negatives from Sunderland’s performance?

Now that the dust has settled, we take a look back at the big positives and the... other stuff after Sunderland picked up another huge three points against a tough side!

Roker Roundtable: Should Winiesta get an opportunity in midfield now that Huggins is emerging?

Would you like to see Carl Winchester get an opportunity in his more natural position in the middle of the park taking into account the promising performance of Niall Huggins in midweek?

How many of the players who played at Wigan should be in the starting XI on Saturday?

Sunderland cruised past table-toppers Wigan in the cup with a team largely made up of fringe players. Should any of them be in the starting eleven when we face Bolton on Saturday?

What do you think of Sunderland’s owners potentially ‘going global’ and buying other clubs?

Sunderland’s owners have been linked with the purchase of other clubs abroad, and are apparently in talks to buy CA Rentistas. What do you think of the bigger picture stuff, and the potential merits of having a ‘group’ spread across the world that effectively acts as a scouting tool for the club in previously untapped markets?

Two up, Two down: The highs and lows from Sunderland’s trip to Fleetwood

If ever a game was ripe for finding both positives and negatives, surely it was Sunderland’s draw away at the Highbury Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Here’s what our panelists had to say...

Cashless SAFC: What do you think about the decision that the club has taken?

What do you think about Sunderland AFC’s decision to go cashless, and the issues that have come as a result of this choice for a significant portion of the fanbase?


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