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Reader’s Corner: When chasing a game, what changes could prove particularly effective?

"What changes can we make from our bench or on the pitch to secure three points or to ensure we don’t leave the pitch empty-handed?" asks RR reader Gabriel Ridley.

Reader’s Corner: Letting go of being cynical about Sunderland

"So let go of your cynicism, embrace the optimism and quality exalted by this current crop of players, and start enjoying watching the Lads. I’m trying my best to," writes RR reader Joseph McCarthy. Fancy writing a blog for us? Email us:

Reader’s Corner: How well prepared are Sunderland as the summer window finally slams shut?

RR reader Andrew Hall analyses Sunderland’s summer transfer business now that the dust has settled. Are we well-equipped for the season ahead?

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Reader’s Corner: “Have Sunderland struck the right balance with their summer transfer business?”

RR reader Neil Ruttley has his say on how our squad looks post-deadline day, and in which areas there might be concerns. Fancy writing a blog for us? Email us:

Searching for Sunderland’s “Special One”

"If we do manage to identify our very own ‘special one’ and then eventually replace Mowbray with him, will Speakman have the good sense to get out of his way?" writes Doug Purvis.

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Reader’s Corner: Where is Sunderland’s position in the new economic order of elite football?

RR reader Doug Purvis has his say on the business model being implemented on Wearside, and how it could help us to eventually become a stable and profitable Premier League club

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Reader’s Corner: “Sunderland’s way of operating is the right method for a club in our position”

RR reader Andrew White has his say on Kyril Louis-Dreyfus’ ownership of Sunderland, and how our prudent spending could lead to a brighter and prosperous future. Fancy writing a blog for us? Email us:

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Reader’s Corner: “We’re two games into the league season, and the negativity isn’t justified”

RR reader Alex Shaw feels that the players, coaches and backroom staff deserve backing and patience as we try and get our 2023/2024 campaign off and running.

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Reader’s Corner: “Can Sunderland truly be called a sleeping giant?”

RR reader Michael Dryden has his say on the state of play in the top flight, and looks at Sunderland’s chances of future success under our current model.

Reader’s Corner: KLD’s Sunderland project is a marathon, not a sprint

"When we next get to the Premier League - and we will - I want us to stay there. I want us to stay there for a long time. But this can only happen if the club itself is on a solid footing," writes RR reader Richard Purdom.

Reader’s Corner: Seven reasons to be optimistic about Sunderland’s fortunes this season!

RR reader Gabriel Ridley is hopeful of a good season, and picks out seven people who could make all the difference. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Could Sunderland’s lack of forward options offer goalscorer Rigg a chance?

RR reader Andrew Hall looks back at Tuesday’s defeat, and wonders what we can learn from a disappointing evening...

Reader’s Corner: Reflections on following Sunderland across the pond

We’ve heard plenty of stories from Lads fans based in the US and what it was like watching Sunderland on tour, but nothing from UK based Mackems who made the journey across - until now! Ben James tells his tale...

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Reader’s Corner: “Commercially, Sunderland need to be on the ball”

RR reader Mike Stubbs has his say on the issues surrounding Sunderland’s new ticketing system, as well as the failings on the commercial side of the club.

Reader’s Corner: Previewing the season ahead for Sunderland

RR reader Jack Tallentire delves into the pre-season transfers, where we need reinforcements, and how we might shape up next season.

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Reader’s Corner: The state of Grassroots Football (and I’m not talking about the players!)

RR reader Trevor Smith offers his thoughts on the health of the game at local level, and what can be done to improve the experience for players, coaches, officials and spectators. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

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Reader’s Corner: Sunderland’s approach of nurturing young talent is the right way to go!

RR reader Steve Gibbon has his say on why our policy of developing exciting, up and coming footballers could bring enormous benefits in the years to come

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Reader’s Corner: From the depths of the River Wear, Sunderland AFC has risen once again

RR reader Daniel Harrison explains why there is plenty of justified optimism around the club right now, after six years of turmoil following our relegation from the Premier League

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Reader’s Corner: “I believe the future is bright for this group of Sunderland players!”

RR reader Andy Thompson shares his thoughts on the club’s direction of travel and why he’s excited about what the the future might bring! Fancy writing a blog for us?

Reader’s Corner: View from Blue House Field

RR reader Michael Curry from the Consett Branch takes us on a poetic journey through the history of Sunderland AFC... fancy writing something we can publish on these here pages? Wack something together in an email and we’ll post it! Ping us:

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Reader’s Corner: Patience will be the key to Sunderland making a Premier League return

RR reader Matt Shaw has his say on how we can build a team that’s capable of top flight promotion, and in which areas we need to improve in order to do so. Fancy writing a blog for us? Email us:

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Reader’s Corner: Sharing some personal highlights from a memorable season for Sunderland

RR reader Gabriel Ridley has his say on our 2022/2023 campaign, and chooses some of the standout players, goals and moments from an exciting season for the Lads

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Reader’s Corner: It’ll be the sad end of an era for SAFC fans left behind by digital ticketing

RR reader Joanne explains why some of her fellow fans will no longer retain their long-held seats inside the Stadium of Light, as concerns about digital tickets and fan behaviour continue to grow.

Reader’s Corner: The new Sunderland soundtrack!

RR reader Steven Cook has come up with a bunch of new songs he thinks we could sing about some of the current players. What do you reckon? Email us:

Reader’s Corner: Staying ‘til the end - what can Sunderland fans do to keep a full ground?

In today’s edition of Reader’s Corner, Steven Cook discusses what he sees as a big problem at home games - people who leave the ground early, no matter the result. Fancy writing something? Email us:

Reader’s Corner: ‘This is Sunderland’s year!’  

RR reader Gerard McAlroy reckons a Mowbray statue would look pretty good alongside Bob Stokoe’s! Fancy writing? - send us an email!

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Reader’s Corner: “Sunderland need to toughen up in order to succeed in this league!”

RR reader Peter Laverick says that the Lads need to develop a tougher streak and more defensive awareness to go along with their undoubted skill

Reader’s Corner: Is Mogga the man to unlock the potential of Sunderland’s young stars?

RR reader Mike Stubbs gives his views on the appointment of Tony Mowbray and what it represents

Reader’s Corner: “Is it all just a Utopian dream?!”

"Of course, our owners’ mantra is ‘sustainable development.’ In the next two seasons we’ll discover whether it is that, or whether it’s a utopian dream," writes RR reader Doug Purvis. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: “It is good to be enjoying being a Sunderland fan again!”

"There is now a belief that Sunderland is a club on the up, a sentiment which will help attract players who may be sought by rival teams," writes RR reader Mike Stubbs, who is really optimistic about our future both on and off the pitch.

Reader’s Corner: Lack of shirts isn’t the club’s fault, says RR reader Mike

RR reader Mike Stubbs says the lack of replica shirts is beyond the club’s control.

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Reader’s Corner: Sunderland’s ownership situation must be resolved swiftly and with total clarity

RR reader Louis Mitchell has his say on the club’s current ownership situation, and expresses concerns about the balance of power in the boardroom

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