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Reader’s Corner: “Sunderland need to toughen up in order to succeed in this league!”

RR reader Peter Laverick says that the Lads need to develop a tougher streak and more defensive awareness to go along with their undoubted skill

Reader’s Corner: Is Mogga the man to unlock the potential of Sunderland’s young stars?

RR reader Mike Stubbs gives his views on the appointment of Tony Mowbray and what it represents

Reader’s Corner: “Is it all just a Utopian dream?!”

"Of course, our owners’ mantra is ‘sustainable development.’ In the next two seasons we’ll discover whether it is that, or whether it’s a utopian dream," writes RR reader Doug Purvis. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: “It is good to be enjoying being a Sunderland fan again!”

"There is now a belief that Sunderland is a club on the up, a sentiment which will help attract players who may be sought by rival teams," writes RR reader Mike Stubbs, who is really optimistic about our future both on and off the pitch.

Reader’s Corner: Lack of shirts isn’t the club’s fault, says RR reader Mike

RR reader Mike Stubbs says the lack of replica shirts is beyond the club’s control.

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Reader’s Corner: Sunderland’s ownership situation must be resolved swiftly and with total clarity

RR reader Louis Mitchell has his say on the club’s current ownership situation, and expresses concerns about the balance of power in the boardroom

Reader’s Corner: My memories of watching Sunderland at Roker Park in the 1960s

RR reader Bill Vaughan remembers a childhood of ups and down at Roker Park, including derby days, FA Cup clashes, and seeing the great Manchester United side of Best and Law come to town.

My Wembley Story: “It’s been tough - but for those few hours, everything seemed so simple!”

"The last few years have been incredibly difficult, but for those couple of hours in Wembley, it all seemed so simple," writes RR reader Feargus Campbell. Do you want to tell your Wembley story? Email us at

My Wembley Story: “The big ship has been turned around, and we’re heading back on course!”

RR reader John Wilson’s stepson has only known four years of disappointment but is now a proud exile with a season card. Do you want to tell your Wembley story? Email us at

Readers’ Corner: My Wembley Story!

RR reader Paul Burdon’s son managed to secure their family some tickets for Wembley, and it’s a day they’ll never forget. Do you want to tell your Wembley story? Email us at

Reader’s Corner: Let’s hope the wise men are looking down on us under the arch

"Whilst it’s the hope that invariably kills us, we are called at five minutes to three on a Saturday afternoon to keep the faith. This Saturday is no different," writes RR reader Gavin Callaghan. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

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Reader’s Corner: My memories of Wembley in 1973!

Roker Report reader Bill Vaughan shares his memories of Sunderland’s iconic FA Cup triumph in 1973. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Predicting how the league table might end up... does it reflect well on SAFC?

RR reader Gerard is back with his laptop to check up on his predictions and to see how close he is to the reality when it comes to the race for the League One Play-Offs. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Will Sunderland make the top six?

RR reader Gerard McAlroy offers his thoughts on which teams will make the top six this season and, maybe more pertinently, which teams won’t... Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: We can now watch a game wondering “Can we keep a clean sheet and score goals?”

Despite a lack of entertainment over the past two games, RR reader Gerard McAlroy has found enjoyment in Alex Neil’s management so far.

Reader’s Corner: “Time for the fans to step up - being angry all the time doesn’t help the club”

"The team still has a great chance of being promoted. The fans need to give them a break - or even a hand", writes RR reader Andrew Curry.

I’ve always been a dreamer but right now I’m angry about Sunderland’s situation

"I’m frightened for the future of the club. We have a board and senior management that have sacked a manager without any clear plan to replace him" says Jon Guy.

Reader’s Corner: The trials and tribulations of a Sunderland mad nine-year-old!

Sunderland-supporting dad Gareth Duff tells the story of his son Ollie, who is nine years old and learning the hard way about what it feels like to be in love with this godforsaken football club.

Reader’s Corner: Despite the pain of being a Sunderland fan, the passion will never die!

It’s bloody hard supporting this club, and Roker Report reader Harry Bywaters has penned a personal reflection on the struggle to remain optimistic despite everything. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Thanks, But No Yanks - Why the Americans came marching in

Kevin the American Mackem explains why so many football fans in the USA turned their back on the local product and MLS in order to support teams from England. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: “Lee Johnson needs to get this right, and I believe he will”

RR reader Ollie Clark looks at where we’ve fallen short over the past few weeks, and his hopes and fears for January.

Reader’s Corner: Questions to be answered...

RR reader Michael Atkinson breaks down what we’ve learned about our squad so far this season, and asks many questions of his fellow Sunderland supporters... Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: ‘Calls to sack Johnson at this stage feel incredibly unfair & short-sighted’

Sam from Northumberland says perspective and patience is needed to see us through this disappointing spell of results.

Reader’s Corner: Ron-Thorben Hoffmann has been here two minutes, but he ‘gets it’!

RR reader Mike Stubbs is over the moon with the contributions of German goalkeeper Ron-Thorben Hoffmann so far - and explains why the youngster ‘gets it’, despite being here all of two minutes. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: “Is Dennis Cirkin the new Julio Arca?!”

RR reader Sebastian Masciandaro wonders if Sunderland have found their new Julio Arca in promising left back Dennis Cirkin... Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Our rivals are on their way up - but Sunderland are on their own journey too!

"We need to just let them get on with their business and concentrate on our own. We have our own journey to go on, albeit not quite as glamorous as theirs!" writes RR reader Steven. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Do we finally have the club structure that our Academy deserves?

RR reader Mike Stubbs reflects on the intelligent development of Sunderland’s best youngsters - do we finally have a structure that our academy deserves? Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: “Sunderland’s versatility across the pitch will be key this season!”

RR reader Sebastian Masciandaro gives his views all the way from Argentina on the versatility within Sunderland’s squad this season - and how it will be key to our success. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Kyril Louis-Dreyfus seems the real deal!

RR reader Dan Ejstrup-Andersen believes all the evidence so far points to KLD being a great owner for Sunderland. Let’s hope so! If you have a view, let us know - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: Looking at the purpose of Sunderland’s U23s from a different angle

RR reader AngryJoe believes our younger players must be given a prolonged chance in the first team this season. If you have a view, let us know - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: “Time for a glass half-full attitude, people!”

RR reader Derek offers a welcome dose of positivity regarding the long-term rebuild taking place at SAFC. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Reader’s Corner: “The doom merchants are circling; time to reflect on things in the real world!”

RR reader Andrew White breaks down some of the wilder bits of pre-season negativity with a big dose of reality.

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