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Welcome to Power Rankings - the new Roker Report feature that grades each Sunderland player based on their performances in the league for the first team each week. Who sits at the top and bottom of our totem pole?

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s goal-scoring midfield hero reaches first place in a mixed fortnight

Check out which Sunderland player claimed the #1 spot in our charts for the first time in the fourth edition of the 2019-20 Power Rankings!

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s in-form frontman returns to the top after his impressive brace 

Check out who topped the third edition of our new-look Power Rankings feature for the 2019-20 season as we rate the Sunderland squad!

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s outstanding talisman sky-rockets to our top spot - fans love him!

Check out who topped the second edition of the new-look Power Rankings feature for the 2019-20 season rating the performances of the Sunderland AFC squad!

Power Rankings: Who is #1 on our Sunderland totem pole after a draw and a win this week?

Check out our new look Sunderland player Power Rankings feature - which will be live on the site every other Thursday - and find out who is our first champion!

Power Rankings: Sunderland star retains number #1 spot in our list after match-winning display!

Sunderland’s key man retains his place in the #1 spot on our totem pole following a match-winning display on Saturday. See who rose and who fell in this week’s Roker Report Power Rankings!

Power Rankings: The King returns to our #1 spot after an underwhelming week for Sunderland

The King of Wearside managed to reclaim his throne atop our totem pole despite Sunderland suffering defeat at the hands of Southend at the weekend. Check who rose and who fell in this week’s edition of Power Rankings!

Power Rankings: New first-time champion as a key Sunderland midfielder hits form at Fleetwood

Check out which Sunderland midfielder has risen to the #1 spot in the Roker Report Power rankings for the first-time after the clashes with Portsmouth and Fleetwood this past week.

Power Rankings: Another first time #1 Champion tops our list after strange week for Sunderland

One man has risen to the top of our Power Rankings list to claim the #1 spot for the first time since he arrived in January after producing his two best performances in a red and white shirt - check who finished where after a strange week for Sunderland.

Power Rankings: Sunderland hitman sits deservedly in #1 spot after ANOTHER class performance!

Sunderland’s star player in recent weeks finally sits atop of the Roker Report Power Ranking list in the #1 spot, whilst three Sunderland defenders get their worst ratings in months. Check out the movers and shakers this week...

Power Rankings: Sunderland cult hero reclaims the #1 spot after two superb showings this week!

The events of the past week could prove to be season defining - and whilst most of Sunderland’s players did well in the last seven days, one man in particular has risen to the #1 spot in our Power Rankings list after further establishing himself as a fan favourite.

Power Rankings: Sunderland have a new #1 champion after his virtuoso display at Wembley

There are no prizes for guessing Sunderland’s new champion after after the Checkatrade Trophy final - see where the other lads rated after an unforgettable weekend.

Power Rankings: “Rocking all over League One!” - Sunderland favourite returns to our #1 spot!

Check our which Sunderland fan-favourite returned to the top of the Roker Report Power Rankings list in a week chocker block full of great individual performances.

Power Rankings: Sunderland have a new first-time champion after Bristol Rovers and Wycombe games

Despite a mixed week in terms of performances for Sunderland we have a new Champion at the top of our Power Rankings list - check out who that is, and where the rest of the squad place following our Checkatrade win and draw at Wycombe.

Power Rankings: Who are Sunderland’s top FOUR star men after Saturday’s win over Plymouth?

Four Sunderland players have separated themselves from the pack in this week’s Power Rankings list - check out who finished where!

Power Rankings: THREE star performers & a new Champion emerge after Sunderland’s return to form

We have a new champ! Check out this week’s Roker Report totem pole to find out who Sunderland’s three outstanding performers were after the lads won twice in a week.

Power Rankings: King Maguire rises up Sunderland’s ranks after super showing against Accrington

Check out the changes to the Roker Report Power Rankings after Sunderland’s comeback draw at home with Accrington Stanley. How high did Chris Maguire climb?

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s best signing of the season tops our list for the 4th week running!

Check out who continues to sit atop the Roker Report Power Rankings after Sunderland’s disappointing draw away to Oxford - but where do the rest of the Lads rank?

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s best signing of the season tops our list once again - he’s quality

Check out who dominates the Roker Report Power Rankings - you won’t be surprised with who’s top - and where Sunderland’s new signings landed after their first outings in the side against Wimbledon.

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s star summer signing retains #1 spot after yet another top display

It was a bad day at the office for Sunderland on Saturday but, despite that, one man in particular came away from the game with immense credit after what was a fantastic individual display.

Power Rankings: Sunderland star returns to our #1 spot after a superb performance against Luton

Check out where our players rank after Sunderland’s hard-fought draw against Luton Town - and to find out which player managed to reclaim the #1 spot after a stunning individual performance for the Lads.

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s star man at Charlton makes a surprise return to the top spot!

Check out where the lads are rated in this week’s Power Rankings after earning a hard-fought point away at Charlton Athletic - with what many might consider as a surprise inclusion at #1!

Power Rankings: He’s scored twice this week - now Sunderland striker returns to #1 on our list!

Our Sunderland Power Rankings are back this week, and there’s a return for one man back to the #1 spot after he put in a couple of good goalscoring performances in the last two games.

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s most lovable player sits #1 in our chart after two class showings

He’s quickly becoming everyone’s favourite Sunderland player due to his behaviour on and off the pitch, and after two top-class performances we have a new leader at #1 in our Power Rankings chart.

Power Rankings: Which Sunderland player takes the #1 spot after yet another win in League One?

It was tough choosing which Sunderland player should be sat top of our rankings chart after the win against Bristol Rovers - who do you think deserves to be #1?

Power Rankings: Captain, man of the match x 2, goalscorer - Sunderland star retains our top spot

Two man of the match performances, two goals and he was even captain for the day - the man at the top of our Sunderland AFC Power Rankings list is going to take some beating if he can keep his current form up.

Power Rankings: Sunderland’s classiest midfielder is this week’s champion at the top of the list

There’s another new man sat at the top of our list this week following his heroics during Sunderland’s draw down at Walsall - his first appearance in the #1 position since our League One campaign started.

POWER RANKINGS: Sunderland’s star man shoots back to the top of our chart after a stand-out week

Two goals in one week for Sunderland AFC sees Josh Maja reclaim top spot in our Power Rankings list, as several big-name starters fall after our draw against Wycombe Wanderers.

POWER RANKINGS: Sunderland’s Mr 6/10 claims top spot after a fantastic performance at Port Vale

After twelve weeks we finally did it - Sunderland’s fearless leader claims the top spot in our Power Rankings list for the first time this season after a hard-working performance against Port Vale on Sunday.

POWER RANKINGS: Scotland star tops our totem pole yet again - is he Sunderland’s best player?

Check out which Sunderland star is back at the top of our Power Rankings and continues to stake an early claim to be our Player of the Season.

POWER RANKINGS: The King reclaims top spot after a week of excellent Sunderland performances!

Chris Maguire reclaims the top spot after bagging twice for Sunderland AFC - check out where the rest of our squad fall in our Power Rankings following an outstanding week.

POWER RANKINGS: There’s ANOTHER new name at the top of our Sunderland totem pole, but who is it?

Several unspectacular individual performances at Shrewsbury on Saturday means we have a new man at the top of our Power Rankings list - read on to find out where Jack Ross’ players place this week in our Sunderland totem pole.

POWER RANKINGS: The King regains top spot on our Sunderland totem pole as sent off duo plummet

See which two Sunderland superstars continue to dominate at the top of our list, and where Max Power and Brian Oviedo fall to following their ridiculous sendings off in games this past week.

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