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Passionate opinions straight from the hearts of die-hard Sunderland supporters.

Is Nectarios Triantis any good? Central Coast Mariners fan Adam on potential Sunderland signing

Sunderland have been heavily linked with a move for Australian defender Nectarios Triantis today, so to find out more about him we spoke to Central Coast Mariners fan Adam Woods.

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Whatever Ross Stewart’s future holds, Sunderland must be shrewd enough to adapt

With Stewart’s contractual situation yet to be resolved, all eventualities must be planned for this summer, and we can’t allow it to derail us, writes Phil West

Sunderland AFC and the origin of Athletic Club De Bilbao’s red and white colours

Extensive researched carried out by the Bilbao Black Cats branch of Sunderland supporters has unearthed some interesting information about the famous Bilbao red and white stripes, and how it all links back to Wearside.

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The Championship’s ‘Coca-Cola’ era is back, and Sunderland will be part of a competitive league!

Next season could be even tougher than 2022/2023 and our players will be tested once again, but it’s a challenge we should all embrace, writes Paddy Hollis

Fair play, Jason Steele

I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the turnaround in the fortunes of former Sunderland goalie Jason Steele, but it’s genuinely nice to see him doing well in the Premier League at Brighton.

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‘The Sunderland Story’ - an emotional & nostalgic look at what makes our club & city so special

Sunderland AFC and the city itself are built on a rich history, and as Paddy Hollis writes, this live stage show captured the essence of what makes it so special

What does the future hold for Amad Diallo and for Sunderland?

There’s been plenty of chatter in recent days about a possible return for Amad Diallo if the stars over Wearside align - but what does the future hold for the Manchester United attacker, and for Sunderland?

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After the excitement of 2022/2023, Sunderland can’t afford to get complacent next time around

After an unexpected top six finish last season, the players’ mentality will be tested again when the new season begins, and they’ll need to up their game accordingly, writes Phil West

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Opinion: ‘After 5 long and often bitter years, Stewart Donald’s Sunderland association is over’

Donald's remaining 9% shareholding has been purchased by Juan Sartori and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, and no tears will be shed at the news, writes David Holloway

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Rating the Lads: Grading the Sunderland AFC squad 2022/2023 (Part III)

In the final instalment of our end of season player ratings, Kyle Garrett casts his eye over Sunderland’s attackers and how they fared this season

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Rating the Lads: Grading the Sunderland AFC squad 2022/2023 (Part II)

In the second instalment of our end-of-season player ratings, Kyle Garrett grades Sunderland’s midfielders!

Kristjaan, Let him Speak man! 

Kristjaan Speakman opens up on this thoughts about Sunderland’s 2022/23 season and where the club is heading into the future.

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This summer could be a significant one for Sunderland - if we stick to the plan!

For the first time in a long time, we’re heading into a summer transfer window in a strong position and without a need to panic as we enter the transfer market, writes Paddy Hollis

Rating the Lads: Grading the Sunderland AFC squad 2022-23 (Part I)

After a long season, we decided to rate every player’s performance - starting today with the goalkeepers and defenders!

Is Jobe Bellingham any good? Birmingham fan gives honest view on potential Sunderland signing

Is Jobe Bellingham any good? We don’t know, so we asked the views of someone that does - top Birmingham City fansite Blues Focus!

Are Sunderland ready for the Premier League?

"Eventually we will have to join the monster, a club of ours has to if it is to survive in this current footballing financing structure. But that can wait, that’s for the future", writes David Holloway.

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Selling players won’t be terminal for Sunderland - as long as they’re replaced adequately

The next phase in our journey will be replacing key players if and when they’re sold, and there’s no reason why we can’t continue to progress in such a scenario.

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Cheer up indeed! What the future could mean to this Sunderland supporter

Defeat for Sunderland last week at Kenilworth Road was a blow, but we can still be optimistic going forward.

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Despite our playoff near-miss, we should be confident of a strong Sunderland response next season

Some of the post-match sentiments from the players hint at a burning desire to go one better in 2023/2024, and that’s extremely encouraging.

Editorial: Mowbray speculation merely round one of what promises to be an interesting summer

Was there more than meets the eye to Mowbray’s job talk?

Roker Report Reviews: the ‘Sunderland Story’ of our club and culture

The stage is set for a city with a proud football club and a rich cultural background - The Sunderland Story is here!

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From Bristol to Birmingham, the Championship has given plenty of Sunderland-related joy this season

The dust has settled and now that it has, it’s pretty nice to reflect on one hell of a season for Sunderland on our return to the Championship, writes Paddy Hollis

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“Talk of Tony Mowbray’s Sunderland departure is completely tone deaf!”

As Sunderland failed to book a return to Wembley after a truly amazing season, the future of our coach was quickly and unfairly thrown into doubt by the media, writes Jon Guy

Why didn’t Stokoe’s 1973 revolution not translate into greater success?

In his first few months as Sunderland manager Bob Stokoe had worked a miracle - perhaps those behind the scenes expected similar results with little or no effort (nor further investment).

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2022/2023 has proven that Sunderland AFC are on their way back!

The Lads may have fallen short in their hunt for consecutive promotions, but as Finlay Anderson writes, it’s been a season that kept delivering, and gives real hope for the future.

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For Sunderland, 2022/2023 was a tale of excitement, exuberance, and memorable goals!

As the dust settles on an unforgettable season for the club we’ve now got a chance to reflect on where we excelled and to consider where we need to improve ahead of the 2023/2024 campaign.

Mowbray Matters: A measured look at the rumours that Sunderland might fancy a change of manager

Following rumours in the press that Sunderland could be considering a change in the managerial hotseat this summer, Andrew Smithson gives his take on whether Tony Mowbray’s position should even be up for discussion.

Did Sunderland overachieve or underachieve this season?

It depends on your perspective really. I’m sticking with the former.

ITHICS Fanzine: What a season - I’m going to miss this team terribly over the summer!

My abiding emotion this morning is that I have no exciting football to look forward to for a few months. No waking up on match day, excited at the prospect of seeing some delicious football played with verve and a joie de vivre, the like of which we haven’t seen for years.

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Tuesday was a fair result, and now Sunderland have to push on!

Our playoff defeat to Luton was frustrating but the club is in a strong position to progress even further during 2023/2024.

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Talking Points: Sunderland succumb to Luton’s perfect plan, but have plenty to be proud of!

We’re disheartened by last night’s defeat, of course, but so unbelievably proud of this Sunderland team, this season and our unexpected playoff pursuit.

It’s Sunderland, so it’s once more unto the breach

Sunderland are 90 minutes away from a trip to Wembley after a season of stupendous highs - a tough night in Bedfordshire awaits, but we should fear no-one...

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