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Passionate opinions straight from the hearts of die-hard Sunderland supporters.

How has the last week or so changed your view on the season ahead for Sunderland?

What a difference a week can make - Sunderland have won two and drawn one after a torrid run of losses, putting themselves back in the promotion mix. Has your view on the season ahead changed at all?

A good week and a gutsy win, but Sunderland must carry it on - no more losing streaks!

Saturday’s victory over Cambridge concluded a positive week for Sunderland on the pitch, but it must be the start of another positive run of results. Can we build on it?

Editorial: The fear of failure is never too far away

Every goal scored at the moment appears to define our season... until the next one.

Finlay’s Report: It cannot be understated just how important that win was for Sunderland

Sunderland are - contrary to popular belief - currently in a good place, three points off top with a game in hand, and still very much in the hunt for promotion.

Two Up, Two Down: What were the biggest positives and negatives from Sunderland’s performance?

What were the biggest positives and negatives to pluck from Sunderland’s performance in the win at a windy Abbey Stadium on Saturday?

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Opinion: Have Sunderland arrived at the height of mediocrity?

As hard as fans might try to stay optimistic, our frustrations with Lee Johnson’s stuttering Sunderland side are starting to tell.

Opinion: “I’m still backing Lee Johnson - and here’s why!”

Joseph Tulip explains why he’s still backing Lee Johnson to succeed, despite growing discontent towards Sunderland’s Head Coach from a section of the fanbase.

Roker Ramble: Your weekly mailbag of interesting bits and bobs from the world of sport

That’s right - this week we feature French crowd issues part XXIX, Jozy Altidore and what’s that... snooker?

“The power of our fans should not be underestimated!”

Mike Dunne hopes that Sunderland fans can come together, despite recent struggles, to give our young side the boost it needs over the coming weeks.

The soft underbelly of Sunderland: Why players must look at themselves to improve performances

Throughout our time in League One, Sunderland’s soft underbelly and lack of aggression has often been our undoing. Isn’t it time the players looked at themselves in order to ensure performances improve?

Square pegs in round holes: How should Lee Johnson deal with our full-back crisis?

With Gooch & O’Nien filling in at full-back, and two central defenders on the bench, does it make sense to go three at the back, or stick with players doing a job until the likes of Cirkin are fit again?

Talking Points: Pressure on LJ mounts - how on earth did we manage to balls it up?!

For many, pressure on the Sunderland gaffer will be cranked up again after not winning despite having a one-man advantage for 45 minutes against Shrewsbury.

Opinion: “It’s time for everyone - the club included - to start taking SAFC Ladies seriously”

The last few weeks have highlighted that, despite the promises, there’s a long way to go before the Lasses are treated equally by SAFC!

Reader’s Corner: Lee Johnson & Luke O’Nien - the polarising pair that are defining a season

Kevin – AKA The American Mackem – takes an in-depth look at two people who are playing pivotal roles in our season. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

Two Up, Two Down: What were the biggest positives & negatives from Sunderland’s performance?

Sunderland were unable to make their one goal and one man advantage at half time count, drawing in the end against ten-man Shrewsbury. What were the biggest positives and negatives from the performance?

Two Up, Two Down: What are the biggest positives & negatives to take from Saturday’s win?

What are the biggest positives and negatives to come out of Saturday’s win and performance from Sunderland against Ipswich? Our panel give their views...

All of Sunderland’s full backs are injured - so how can Lee Johnson adapt his side?

Dennis Cirkin, Denver Hume and Niall Huggins are all out until January, meaning Lee Johnson needs to find a new way of playing over what will be a busy six weeks til the transfer window opens. What should he do?

Editorial: Crisis? What crisis?

It was far from our best performance of the season, but a valuable three points against Ipswich got our season back on track. Just how important could that win be come May?

Talking Points: Pure relief for Lee Johnson - but there’s still work to be done to get it right

A mightily relieved gaffer, some clear points for improvement - and Luke O’Nien took the spotlight after being on the receiving end of some tough criticism recently…

Sunderland need a win - what tactical tweaks should Lee Johnson make against Ipswich?

It’s fairly obvious that teams have worked our how to expose our biggest weaknesses. That, combined with poor results, means Lee Johnson needs to freshen the team and tactics up. What should he do on Saturday?

Standards & Leadership: Sunderland MUST show both against Ipswich

Set a new standard and embrace the pressure - Ipswich is an ideal chance for Sunderland to reinvigorate their season.

How much of our bad form is down to the sheer amount of away games we’ve had?

Why would you say our away form is so different to our record at home this season - is the fact we’ve played one league fixture at the SoL in the last six league games a big factor in our dip in form?

Has the international break been a good thing, or has the time out ramped up the pressure?

Do you think the timing of the international break was a good thing to give time for the squad to regroup and focus, or will the time out have meant the extra time might have increased the pressure to get a result against Ipswich?

Beating Ipswich would make all the difference for a Sunderland side in need of a boost!

If we can get some wins back under our belts and some confidence back, we can still get out of this league.

Reader’s Corner: Thanks, But No Yanks - Why the Americans came marching in

Kevin the American Mackem explains why so many football fans in the USA turned their back on the local product and MLS in order to support teams from England. Fancy writing? - send us an email!

I’ve got something to get off my chest, but it needs saying...

Spoken from the heart, Sean Brown has a message to his fellow Sunderland supporters about the current ongoing conversation surrounding the future of our Head Coach, and the mood of the fanbase.

January’s right around the corner; what business do Sunderland need to do when the window opens?

With January in the not-so-distant future, what changes do you expect we’ll see in the squad? Who will leave, where do we need to strengthen - and importantly, what are the characteristics that our team is sorely lacking that we need to add when the chance arises?

Editorial: Strap yourself in – it’s got the feeling of a big week for SAFC 

Saturday’s game against Ipswich could be a pivotal one in our season...

Communication needs to improve after Sunderland Ladies ticketing farce

The lack of information, lack of options, and inconsistency caused ticketless fans to be turned away from Eppleton CW on Sunday. That has to change, and fast!

Two Up, Two Down: What are the big positives and negatives from Sunderland’s latest performance?

Now that the dust has settled, what are the big positives and negatives from Sunderland’s last performance, against Bradford?

We wanted a long-term project, so why are so many Sunderland fans thinking short-term?

Can Sunderland AFC actually become the club of patience, acceptance and growth, or have we leaned too heavily into the stereotypes cast upon us? Tom Albrighton discusses where we find ourselves at currently...

What does LJ need to do in order to turn things around when league action resumes?

What do you think Sunderland Head Coach Lee Johnson needs to do in order to turn things around when league action resumes after the international break?


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