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Passionate opinions straight from the hearts of die-hard Sunderland supporters.

Roker Ramble: Cheesewashing on Tyneside, as the BBC make another ludicrous decision

The BBC make a brainless decision, the FA are getting serious about protecting clubs’ heritage, and the Mags are cheesewashing...

SAFC v QPR, 2017: Where are the Sunderland players now? (Sorry for the nightmares!)

Sunderland’s last league meeting with Queens Park Rangers at the Stadium of Light was in 2017 - where are the players from that day now?

Matchday Musings: Carabao leaves Sunderland looking strangely lethargic 

Sunderland’s unbeaten run is over, and it ended in disappointing circumstances

Talking Points: A forgettable night in Sheffield - but Sunderland are in need of reinforcements

In a match where the result didn’t matter a jot, Alex Neil was reminded that his squad is short on numbers - but there were some bright signs...

Last time at Hillsborough...

A look back to the last time we travelled to Sheffield, because... why not?

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The importance of being Ellis: How big a role can Sunderland’s new number #9 play this season?

Pitched into the heat of battle at Ashton Gate, the on-loan Everton striker scored two goals and was a major threat all day. How big a role could he play for us this season?

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Opinion: “Where does Goochy fit in going forward?”

Against Coventry and Bristol City, Gooch demonstrated the strengths and weaknesses of his game. Scott Young looks at how he might be utilised as the season unfolds.

Sunderland are back in the Championship - and I feel good!

The pies might cost a bit more and we might have to adjust our expectations slightly, but doesn’t it feel good watching Sunderland compete in the Championship again?

Editorial: To be a success, the Sunderland double-header needs to be embraced by the whole club!

Sunderland AFC’s bold move to host both the men’s and women’s sides at the SoL on the same day will be a success if we all play our part.

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We’re in for a bumpy ride - but this has been a great start to the season for Sunderland

"With four points from our opening two league games, Sunderland have made an encouraging start to life in the Championship - but stiffer tests lie ahead," writes Phil West

Roker Roundtable: Do Sunderland have another gem in the shape of Ellis Simms?

The on-loan Everton striker made a huge impression with a two-goal debut performance on Saturday. What did our panel make of his contribution?

Rocking All Over... The Championship?

Last week Luke O’Nien got ‘The Call Up’ from the bench to ‘Clampdown’ the midfield. With judgement around O’Nien being ‘Death or Glory’, Sam Quigley gives you his opinion on the Roma Slayer...

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Matchday Musings! Sunderland grab all three points from five-goal West Country thriller

The Lads made their first away trip of the season on Saturday, with a visit to Ashton Gate to face Bristol City, and thanks to a stunning debut from Ellis Simms, claimed a superb victory

Bristanbul: Re-living one of the only good days Sunderland had in the 2017-18 season!

Today is Sunderland’s first trip to Ashton Gate since the infamous ‘Bristanbul’ game in the fateful 2017-18 season - a rare glimmer of hope in an otherwise manky campaign...

Out in the wilds! Where do Sunderland’s fringe players fit in Alex Neil’s plans?

Against Coventry City we saw a few notable figures not make the squad for the Lads. Sam Quigley looks at the best way to utilise these players at the Stadium of Light or if they should go elsewhere!

Sunderland’s August Preview (Part One): What can The Lads look forward to this month?

In an August full of away days and TV appearances, Alex Neil will be hoping that his side can pick up some momentum in a challenging month. Here’s a player to watch out for from every opponent we’ll be facing in the first half of this month.

Roker Ramble: The Premier League is back! Are you excited? No? Thought not

It’s another season, and yet nothing will have changed. Also this week: Richard Keys scores a Ramble brace, and Southend don’t quite think through their latest sponsorship deal...

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Opinion: “Sunderland cannot stake their entire season on the signing of Nathan Broadhead!”

The Everton striker made a huge impression during last season’s loan spell, but as Michael Dunne writes, Sunderland must eye up other targets in the event that a deal cannot be worked out

Opinion: Sunderland - The biggest club in the Championship once again

Sunderland again flexed its muscles with over 40,000 fans attending the first Lads game at Championship level in five seasons. Our support is crucial to our success.

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Keeping our cool! Sunderland’s discipline and game management must improve this season

Our performance against Coventry was encouraging, albeit marred by some needless fouls and poor discipline. Sam Quigley looks at whether this is a hangover from League One

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Shed that fear, Sunderland fans - it’s going to be an exciting ride!

"I certainly have no worries over being in a relegation fight, and I’m looking forward to watching us compete and maybe upset the apple cart come the end of the season," writes Kevin Barker in his debut piece for Roker Report.

Sunderland’s Remaining Transfer Business - Who Would You Sign?

After Sunderland’s opening day draw with Coventry, Head Coach Alex Neil said he would still like to add four or five players before he can say he is satisfied with his squad. If you were in charge, who would you sign? Kyle Garrett offers up some suggestions...

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This is Wearside! Sunderland’s Championship return brings a mammoth crowd to our home

Over 40,000 fans were in attendance as the Championship season kicked off on Sunday. Hopefully, big crowds at the Stadium of Light are here to stay

Opinion: We've celebrated Sunderland's Lionesses, now the hard work starts

What a weekend that was, one that will be remembered for decades to come. Now it's everyone's job to bring the momentum from Sunday's celebrations into the domestic game.

Matchday Musings: Sunderland show some very early promise 

The noon kick-off threw a lot of people out of kilter, but the Lads were still up for it as they battled for a point

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Hot Takes! Sunderland showed flashes of real promise against Coventry, but we need to improve

Despite conceding a late equaliser in our first Championship game for four years, this was a very encouraging start for Alex Neil’s side!

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Editorial: Sunderland AFC is stirring once again, but there is much work still to be done

Despite a variety of issues that must be addressed, there is a new sense of belief flowing through the club and the fanbase. That must be harnessed and used as a force for positive change.

Talking Points: Neil would like 4 or 5 more signings - where do Sunderland need to strengthen?

Following Sunderland’s 1-1 draw with Coventry, Alex Neil expressed his desire to bring in 4 or 5 new faces - which positions would you strengthen?

After four years of toil for Sunderland in League One, it’s great to be back!

What is there to fear for Sunderland in the Championship? Lots, I’m sure, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t relish the challenge of pitting ourselves against a new crop of opponents - starting today.

Championship 2022/2023 Predictions: Who’ll finish in the top ten?

The RR predictions team are back this weekend, but before we get stuck into the game-by-game forecasts tomorrow, we’ve had a crack at guessing the Championship’s top ten...

Sunderland are an unknown quantity in the Championship, but why shouldn’t we have optimism?

The new 2022/2023 Championship season is nearly upon us, and Finlay Anderson looks at why we should have hope and optimism heading into this campaign.

Interview: Everton fan gives further insight on Sunderland’s new number 9 Ellis Simms

We’ve already chatted to fans of Blackpool and Hearts on our quest to find out as much as possible about Ellis Simms, so why not complete the trilogy with an Everton fan? Fellow SBNation site Royal Blue Mersey have their say...

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