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Passionate opinions straight from the hearts of die-hard Sunderland supporters.

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Wembley nerves... hello, old friend

It’s time to sing loud and sing proud for our boys in red and white!

There in spirit: The play-off final from across the pond

Our American correspondent Kevin Campbell is looking forward to the play-off final – despite not being able to attend in person!

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Let’s do the job in ninety minutes and avoid any penalty shootout drama!

Hopefully, the game won’t be settled from twelve yards, but as Jon Guy writes, we might have to brace ourselves for a nerve-shredding conclusion to the playoff final.

A Calling

Sunderland’s date with destiny: Saturday could be our time!

Wembley should no longer be a place to fear for Mackems; instead, look forward with optimism and hope, as this is no ‘typical Sunderland’, argues Finlay Anderson.

After a turbulent season, Alex Neil’s men can finally finish the job - let’s go for it!

As we prepare to head for Wembley and the playoff final, Jon Guy says that the time is now for Sunderland to take the crucial next step.

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Sunderland’s improvement since January has been remarkable, but we cannot stop now

After a season that was in danger of fizzling out, Sunderland have been reborn in recent months. Tom Albrighton looks at the changes that have had such a big impact.

Badly recruited, but definitely the right man - Alex Neil is Sunderland’s guy for the future

The club’s leadership team might have gone the wrong way about appointing him, but there can be no doubt that Alex Neil is absolutely the right man for Sunderland - not just now, but going forward.

Sunderland must begin to move forward and into a new era - now is the time to do it

This Saturday at Wembley, the players have a chance to set the club on a new path. After four turbulent and challenging years, it would be a long overdue reward.

When the prize is greatest, Sunderland can dig deep and emerge victorious - one more to go!

During recent months, Sunderland have shown that they can carve out opportunities to win games in adverse circumstances. This sets us in good stead for the playoff final.

“Sunderland must remember that Wycombe are a much better side than they would have you believe!”

Complacency is kryptonite to the Black Cat’s chances of victory on Saturday - and the one thing they must do is ignore the cult of little old Wycombe...

Editorial: As Sunderland fans we represent our club & city - let’s do both proud this weekend!

A Trafalgar Square pre-Wembley party is a great tradition as we show our colours & gather with friends from around the world. Let’s show the best of Wearside & keep something in reserve for the match itself!

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A Wembley victory would be the perfect reward for our long-serving players

Against Wycombe, Lynden Gooch and Luke O’Nien have a chance to earn redemption for previous playoff failures. If they succeed, who would begrudge them a moment of triumph?

To Trafalgar, or not to Trafalgar…

"I can’t wait to hop on that train with a few cold beers and start the journey and the celebrations with friends old and new..." - Malc’s off to enjoy himself in London, and doesn’t care what fans of any other clubs think!

Sunderland’s future is bright if there’s leadership and ambition for the whole club!

"Football is changing and Sunderland AFC can play a big part in its future, but only if we - the club and its supporters - show ambitious leadership rather than following the crowd," writes Rich Speight.

Let’s make this one count!

Our performance at Hillsborough was heroic, but it will quickly be forgotten if we don’t make it count at Wembley!

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Patterson is Sunderland’s rock between the sticks - the goalkeeper’s jersey now belongs to him

The young stopper has seized his opportunity in recent months, and after two highly-charged playoff games, he looks increasingly like a commanding and composed number one.

ITHICS Fanzine: The door out of this league is ajar - let’s batter it down!

"By all means large it up in Covent Garden on the Friday night, but make sure you’re ready to give Sunderland full-throated backing on Saturday afternoon," writes Mark Egan of ITHICS Fanzine.

Dawn beckons for Sunderland

As the first flickering beams of hope start to creep across the cloudy night sky of the third tier we’ve collectively sat beneath for the last four or five years, Alex Neil prepares the lads for an appearance on the biggest stage in English football...

Wembley is what dreams are made of

After the stress of sorting out match tickets, trains and hotels, we can finally relax and look forward to Wembley weekend - Sunderland fans everywhere are dreaming that this might just be our time.

Have Wycombe’s top-brass been reading the idiots guide to criticising Sunderland?

The opposition have been having it both ways for four years; we’re either too big for our boots or a giant that they shouldn't be able to compete with. Well, which one is it?

Talking Points: We are off to Wembley a week on Saturday!

Alex Neil’s and his masters of late goals did it again! Sunderland overcame the odds away from home in the second leg… our Malc tries to calm his emotions and chat through some of the talking points from Monday’s battle of an evening.

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Jack Clarke - From frustration to elation!

The on-loan Tottenham winger can conjure up moments of brilliance despite his erratic nature. As Philip West writes, Monday night provided yet more evidence of that.

Opinion: Another late late show typifies this new Sunderland

Sunderland’s playoff success against Sheffield Wednesday in the steel city showed the Black Cats now have the mettle to go all the way.

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Editorial: A crazy night, another playoff final, another remarkable chapter

Once again, Sunderland are Wembley-bound. This time, let’s make sure we seize the opportunity and finish the job.

Two Up, Two Down: We’re off to Wembley... but what did you make of how we played last night?

Sunderland booked their place in the playoff final with a 2-1 aggregate victory over Sheffield Wednesday. What did our panel make of it?

Opinion: The real Sunderland stood up to be counted at Hillsborough – next stop Wembley!

Alex Neil’s team showed all of the qualities we expect in from Sunderland players, and as Joseph Tulip writes, we got our just rewards on Monday.

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Bailey and Batth - a reliable defensive duo for Sunderland

"After many years of trying, Sunderland have finally established a central defensive partnership that we can trust fully," writes Michael Dunne.

After The Final Whistle: Sheff Wed fan Liam - “You could feel the floor shaking when SAFC scored”

Following Sunderland’s 1-0 first leg victory over Sheffield Wednesday, Matty Crichton spoke to co-host of The Wednesday ’Til I Die Podcast, Liam Russell, to discuss his thoughts on the match!

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On This Day (8 May 1936): Sunderland favourite George Mulhall is born in Scotland

Roker Report pays tribute to Sunderland icon George Mulhall, who would have been 86 years old today.

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Opinion: “Take a breath” - Sunderland are halfway towards another Wembley final!

After a superb home performance, Sunderland will take a slender lead into the second leg of our playoff semi-final against Sheffield Wednesday. Paddy Hollis looks at whether it could and should have been more.

Talking Points: What will Sunderland fans be discussing after the final home game of the season?

Oh, what a night! Stage one of three is complete and loads to discuss after Friday evening's 1-0 win - not least the atmosphere at the Stadium of Light.