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Our daily mailbag in which you, the readers of Roker Report, can send us along your opinions and thoughts on whatever you wish.

Fan Letters: “Yes, Jermain Defoe is a legend, however...”

More comments on Jermain Defoe in the RR mailbag, along with an interesting suggesting on where Arbenit Xhemajli could have a role in the side...

Fan Letters: ‘Let’s all pull together and get the hell out of this league’ says RR reader Mark

And there’s a cracking story about getting to see the ‘73 cup final.

Fan Letters: “It’s good to see Luke O’Nien back in training” says Sunderland fan

We’ve got letters today about the faux outrage online about Lee Johnson’s presser, the return of injured players, and a question about streaming Saturday’s game.

Fan Letters: “Any chance of a little perspective?!”

Maguire’s celebrations, the return of Defoe and flip-flopping on Johnson all discussed in the RR mailbag! Have you got anything to get off your chest?! Email us:!

Fan Letters: ‘Signing Defoe ticks so many boxes, on and off the field’ says RR reader Paul

Haway JD, get yourself back to the SOL!!! Have you got anything you need to get off your chest?! Email us:!

Fan Letters: “Would Sunderland fans be happy to be taken over by the Saudis?”

Mick and Michael have some questions for the Roker Report readers. Have you got anything you need to get off your chest?! Email us:!

Fan Letters: A moving tribute from a Sunderland fan to his father

"Thinking about Dad and the way the club helped me to bond with my father reminds me that a football club like Sunderland is more than a business - we’re family" writes RR reader Andrew. Got something to say? is where you send your emails!

Fan Letters: Post-Lincoln edition! ‘What on earth have I just watched?’

The team and the ref are in the sights for RR readers today... Have you got anything you need to get off your chest?! Email us:!

Fan Letters: “Everyone who follows Linfield absolutely adores him” says Sunderland fan in NI

A relentless stream of optimism fills the Roker Report inbox... and long may it last!

Fan Letters: ‘It’s nice to be able to concentrate on the team and not the noise around the manager!’

RR reader Bob is enjoying being able to focus on the positives...

Fan Letters: ‘There’s something special about this team right now!’ says RR reader Tom

But he can’t quite put his finger on it... can you?

Fan Letters: “We are not good enough”

Following our defeat at Arsenal we have mixed reactions on how Lee Johnson is doing this season.

Fan Letters: ‘How many more games, careers or clubs should Scott Oldham be allowed to potentially ruin?’

Saturday’s ridiculous ref is still getting pelters from SAFC supporters.

Fan Letters: “We are in a good position and time is better spent supporting the team!”

Inconsistency is par for the course in League One, and Tuesday’s result should be beneficial for everyone...

Fan Letters: “The negativity surrounding the club can be overwhelming”

Lots to be discussed in the RR mailbag - current negativity, the manager’s decisions, the ownership and a lack of atmosphere at the SoL! Got something to say?

Fan Letters: Sunderland supporters are losing patience... but who with?

A mailbag full of red hot opinions... it’s quite the ride. Got something to say?

Fan Letters: “It’s no time to panic just yet!” says RR reader Thomas

More opinions on Lee Johnson’s position as well as the injury crisis and the January window!

Fan Letters: ‘I find it hard to see how LJ can win over supporters’ says RR reader Bob

More debate over whether Lee Johnson’s the right fella to get us back up...

Fan Letters: The debate over Johnson’s future continues

A wide range of fan views on the Sunderland manager in today’s bumper mailbag - a few more shouts in support of Lee Johnson than in other recent editions! Got something to say? Email us:

Fan Letters: “Just not good enough, get rid now” says RR reader Stephen!

A clear consensus in the RR mailbag today, with readers expressing their desire to see a change of manager after a bad run of performances over recent weeks. Got something to say? Email us:

Fan Letters: ‘Too many players are not up to it and need to move on’ says RR reader Steve

Unsurprisingly, RR readers aren’t happy this morning!

Fan Letters: “Play Tyrese Dyce and see how he fares!”

Geoff, Gary, and Joy have written in to give their takes on a range of goings-on at Sunderland AFC. Got something to say? Email us...

Fan Letters: ‘It might not always be pretty but at least they are trying hard to get back on track’

Lee Johnson deserves praise for Saturday’s win, says AndoverMackem. What do you think? Email us with your thoughts and we’ll publish in our next edition:

Fan Letters: Supporters negativity becomes “a self-fulfilling prophecy” at Sunderland

Today’s mailbag sees readers Derek and Peter getting stuff off their chests. Have something you want to say about the club? Email us:

Fan Letters: I saw many great games during the Ellis Short days, so was it such a waste?

Sam’s hoping KLD opens the chequebook a little come January, while William and Jarvis want the cricket convos hit for six!

Fan Letters: ‘There is NO money for players as long as we’re in this division’

Sam wants KLD to support Lee Johnson by opening the chequebook, while AndoverMackem’s in positive spirits ahead of Saturday’s clash.

Fan Letters: Will the real Tom Flanagan please stand up?

Flanagan’s display against Italy has puzzled RR reader Rob!

Fan Letters: Time for a fresh start?

Dan’s living in a parallel universe, Billy’s backing LJ, and John’s reminiscing about the 60s.

Fan Letters: ‘Let LJ get on with his job’... ‘LJ is incapable of delivering anything other than failure’

In, out, in out... woah the Johnson Hokey Cokey!

Fan Letters: “It’s hard to have patience and keep the faith”

More views from the Roker Report mailbag on our current run of form and Lee Johnson.

Fan Letters: “Sacking our manager is not the answer – every team has a bad spell!”

The Lee Johnson debate rumbles on...

Fan Letters: The Meltdown Continues...

Some Sunderland fans are not happy bunnies, and today’s fan letters reflect the general mood of blind panic. But our Rich isn’t one to follow the crowd when it comes to the solution to the problem...


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