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Our daily mailbag in which you, the readers of Roker Report, can send us along your opinions and thoughts on whatever you wish.

Fan Letters: SAFC fan Len wonders if there’s any chance of Jordan Henderson coming home...

Is it beyond the realms of possibility? Meanwhile, Jack and Alan talk QPR in the cup.

Fan Letters: “Sunderland’s future is looking exciting”

The feel-good factor is back at Sunderland AFC, and there’s a lot of love for Lee Johnson and his young side in today’s fan letters. What do you think? Email:

Fan Letters: RR reader Arthur is frustrated by Lee Johnson’s defensive tactics to see out games

Plus, Jack’s curious about how we do our player ratings, and Bob’s written a song... Got something to say? Email us:

Fan Letters: “I’m only here to say that Ross Stewart is absolutely brilliant”

Our readers give their views on Bailey Wright’s errors, Ross Stewart’s class, and the lack of updates on the SAFC Ladies Wikipedia page. Got something to say? Email us:

Fan Letters: ‘SAFC are not seeing teams off – this makes for too many nervy moments!’

RR reader Andrew believes we need to be more clinical in front of goal, while Michael shares some interesting memories of Alan Brown!

Fan Letters: ‘Aiden O’Brien should have been on the bench on Saturday!’

Saturday’s bench has got David hot under the collar - should Aiden O’Brien have been on there? - while more details emerge about John Goodchild’s SAFC departure.

Fan Letters: ‘Why on earth can’t I get tickets five or six weeks in advance?’

Paul from Wexford wants to buy SAFC tickets but can’t, plus our player ratings get the thumbs up from Joseph! Email us:

Fan Letters: RR reader Liam says: “We have arguably the best squad depth we’ve had for 15 years”

The summer transfer window is attracting praise, and criticism of the ‘business’ side of the club keep on coming. Email us:

Fan Letters: “Why are some so negative about Denver Hume?!”

RR reader George asks why there is so much negativity around Denver Hume and more questions are asked about the club’s stance on ticketing. Email us:

Fan Letters: “I’m glad to see Denver Hume is back!” - and more complaints about crap e-ticketing

RR reader Mark is glad to see Denver Hume back at the club - but, in less positive news, we have more reports of older fans struggling to buy tickets. When are the club going to step up? Email us:

Fan Letters: ‘The club are letting down an entire generation of supporters’

The new ticketing and cashless systems at the SOL are alienating older supporters – surely the club can’t be happy with that outcome? Have your say! Email:!

Fan Letters: “It’s time for this roller coaster to pick up speed!”

In today’s fan letters RR reader Ian tries to remember the last time we played football with a swagger whilst others discuss a tough job for the manager, the form of Dan Neil and the departure of Will Grigg.

Fan Letters: “Now the window is closed, I am very pleased with our business!”

The loan signings of German due Hoffmann and Dajaku completed Sunderland’s transfer business, and reader Michael is pretty happy. Plus Fanzone and Twitter Spaces talk in today’s fan letters.

Fan Letters: I cannot see the point of sending out a 21-year-old player to ‘gain experience’

RR reader Anthony doesn’t see the point in loaning out Jack Diamond, while George is disappointed he can’t watch 3pm games any longer.

Fan Letters: ‘It seems like a generation of fans have just been cut off & forgotten about’

RR reader David fears the club’s move to digital ticketing will leave the older generation adrift.

Fan Letters: RR reader Matthew’s designed a new SAFC badge – what do you reckon?

Is it time SAFC had a rebrand? Plus, Dan Neil... how good?!

Fan Letters: New version of the ship badge? RR readers Carlos and Kevin are on board!

Would you be in favour of a new version of the ship badge for SAFC? And Paul has his say on the Luke O’Nien to right-back calls.

Fan Letters: ‘Bring back the old badge - it celebrates what the city’s world-famous for’

Would you like to see a return for the old ship badge? Email us:

Fan Letters: Harrogate fan ban under the microscope, streaming issues & promising recruitment

Our pre-season game at Harrogate was mysteriously changed to behind closed doors at the last minute. One of our readers has turned detective to find out what really happened... Email us:

Fan Letters: ‘I took pleasure in following all the streaming, which now has stopped - so sad!’

85-year-old Antonio is a lifelong SAFC supporter now based in the south of England. Where is the sense in denying him, and others like him who can’t get to the game, the chance to watch the lads in action? Email us:

Fan Letters: ‘Is it possible to overturn the decision to withdraw the streaming service?’

Tom and Norma have been left frustrated by the lack of live streams, while Andrew is excited about the young lads getting a first-team chance. Email us with your views:

Fan Letters: ‘What are the chances of a Djibril Cissé return to Sunderland?’

Is there really a chance of Cissé returning? And are our keepers as good as it gets in League One? Have you got anything you need to get off your chest?! Email us:!

Fan Letters: ‘It should have been LJ’s priority to sign a new keeper this summer’

And while the keeper situation is causing debate, Mark’s still not happy with our transfer situation.

Fan Letters: ‘Daniel Sturridge – he could do a job!’

It’s another lively one - from Sunderland getting strikers out of retirement, to serious concerns over Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, we’ve got it all today... Email us with your views:

Fan Letters: ‘We are still going for bargain-basement deals or loan signings’

RR readers are still frustrated at the lack of transfer activity, as Saturday’s season opener looms large. Email us with your views:

Fan Letters: “I think the recruitment team has let Johnson down”

The RR readers discuss our current squad, recruitment and the lack of communication from the club regarding the status of season cards! Email us with your views:

Fan Letters: How important is spending £££ vs finding value in the loan & free transfer market?

RR reader Paul raises some interesting points about how Sunderland are approaching the transfer market. Where is the value - is it in free agents and loans, or spending to get exactly who you want? Email us with your views:

Fan Letters: What do we think about needing vaccine passports to get into Sunderland games?

In today’s Fan Letters, RR reader Charlie has some strong views on requiring vaccine passports to attend games; Allen wonders if we can offload Grigg onto Wigan; and Stuart is sick of crap customer service at Sunderland’s ticket office. Email us with your views:

Fan Letters: The pre-season hope and despair of Sunderland fans continues

Are Sunderland fans managing to keep their cool as pre-season continues? Check out the latest batch of fan letters to find out...

Fan Letters: Was signing Dion ever realistic? RR reader Paul reckons we were kidding ourselves

Meanwhile, Portsmouth fan Bill offers an external perspective on the need to run a sustainable club, SAFC fan Sam wants some transfer activity that makes everyone else sit up and take notice.

Fan Letters: ‘We need to spend money!’ ‘We need to do things differently!’ ‘But we need to spend money!’

While Paul and Anthony plead for patience, Leon and David aren’t happy with the way things are going in pre-season. It’s just another normal day at Roker Report...

Fan Letters: “I am sick to the back teeth of the moaning” says Sunderland fan Stephen

New season, new players, new kit... but same old arguments about transfer strategy rumble on in today’s fan letters. Will it ever end?