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Each week the Roker Report editors spotlight four articles they think you should read.

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Editorial: The season is almost upon us, and there’s lots to be excited about!

After a summer of intrigue and discussion about what the future might bring, Sunderland kick off their 2023/2024 season in under a week, and there are plenty of reasons to look forward to it.

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Editorial: Starting lineups, the need for experience and off-field challenges...

We’ll be closer to answers on all three by this time next week.

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Editorial: Sunderland must be as efficient and well run in other areas as we are on the pitch

Progression on the field won’t automatically lead to improvements in other areas, and there can be no room for complacency if we’re to continue on the upward curve that we've been on for eighteen months

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Editorial: Is this Sunderland’s real life, or is this just fantasy?

Pinch yourself, because the players are back in pre-season training today, and we’ve got the bulk of our transfer business done. How good is that?

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Editorial: We’ll have to get used other clubs eyeing up our players. Take it as a positive!

We might not want other clubs chasing our players, but it shows that we’re heading in the right direction and that we’ve got some really exciting talent within the squad

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Editorial: Unlike previous years, Sunderland are entering the summer in a position of strength

No major overhaul or rebuild is needed in this summer’s transfer market, and honing and adding depth to an already exciting squad should be the number one aim

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Editorial: A new connection has been forged between Sunderland AFC and its supporters

Whatever the outcome of the 2022/2023 season, we can reflect on it as a campaign during which hope was restored, as an honest and hard working group of players have helped the club to take giant strides forward

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Editorial: Sunderland have emerged from a tough run of games with huge credit

Friday night’s draw against Burnley saw us conclude a swing of demanding fixtures against some of the league’s top sides, and we’ve done so in impressively tenacious fashion

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