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Passionate opinions straight from the hearts of die-hard Sunderland supporters.

The kids are... alright?

"If ‘the model’ is to sign and develop young players, are Sunderland yet getting it right in how much is expected of those youngsters?" asks Mike Stubbs.

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Mike Dodds could be a stabilising influence for Sunderland’s remaining games

"The departure of Beale after only twelve games has heaped pressure on the club hierarchy, and they have to right some wrongs over the coming months," writes Paddy Hollis

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A defence of Jobe Bellingham, Abdoullah Ba and Pierre Ekwah

"As Sunderland’s fortunes have fluctuated, the form of Ekwah and Bellingham has often come under the spotlight, and often unfairly," writes Phil West.

Pause for thought

Long-time season ticket holder Kelvin has a plea to his fellow supporters - "Let’s be the best that we can be as fans!"

Sunderland are set for a massive summer after the inevitable sacking of Michael Beale!

"The club needs a bit of stability; here though is another person that has come and left without making any sort of impact," writes Finlay Anderson, after Monday’s news of Beale’s departure.

A View From The Away End: Another “character building experience” for the travelling mackems

"We could be facing that rarest of beasts; a mid-table finish for Sunderland. A few years ago, that would’ve seemed appealing, but in the context of the club’s recent progression it feels like a significant step backwards."

Michael Beale - Sunderland’s shortest mistake

"Forget the social media, forget the interviews, forget the Hume of death handshake — we can only go on what we saw on the pitch," writes Mark Wood.

All change again as Sunderland deal with Beale

"The Beale era has come to an end almost as quickly as it began, but there were signs that pointed that all was not right from the moment he was announced," writes Jon Guy.

Editor’s Reaction: The whole situation surrounding Michael Beale has been an unfortunate mess

Whether you were #BealeOut, #BealeIn or #GiveBealeAChance, I think we can all admit that this has been a messy period for Sunderland, one that might take a bit of time for us to recover from.

Editorial: Beale under pressure once again – so, what happens next?

Being one or two games away from implosion can’t continue for much longer.

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“Beale didn’t see Hume? I’m not having it”

"Despite subsequent denials, the nature of the incident between Hume and his head coach was obvious and it can’t be overlooked," writes Phil West.

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Talking Points: “Hume & Beale — what was that all about?!”

Despite taking a first half lead through Jack Clarke, the Lads ended up on the wrong end of a 2-1 defeat as Tony Mowbray had the last laugh on Saturday. Phil West looks at the game’s main stories

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Matchday Musings: Sunderland let another game slide as Mowbray cashes in

The Lads slipped to a second successive defeat on Saturday, as Birmingham City rallied to claim a 2-1 victory. Paddy Hayes reflects on another disappointing day at the office

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Does Agent Ian really have his client’s best interests at Harte?

"Jack Clarke’s representative is never short of something to say, but he could certainly demonstrate more class ahead of any potential summer transfer," writes Phil West.

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‘Sunderland ‘Til I Die’ is a tale of passion and pride on Wearside

The third installation of Sunderland ‘Til I Die finally gave us a happy Netflix ending - and it gives our club, the city, and the fans what they deserve after years of turmoil.

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Talking Points: SAFC lose away at Huddersfield - were there any positives to consider?

After the lads drifted aimlessly to a 1-0 loss on the road to The Terriers, Malc Dugdale looks at the game’s most thought provoking moments…

Jobe’s a good’un!

Jobe Bellingham is operating under increased pressure and coverage compared to other Sunderland players — but letting him get on with the important stuff is proving to be key.

On This Day (14 Feb 1981): Foxes on the run as The Black Cats roar

It was Valentines Day at Roker Park, but there was not much love on the pitch as these two rivals fought it out in a no holds barred second half!

How does Micky Beale fix Sunderland’s away form this week?

Sunderland’s away form has been honking this season. What should Michael Beale do to ensure we come away with all six points by the end of this week?

Sunderland ‘Til I Die Episode 3 review: “Til The Very End”

And here we have it - the final part Sunderland’s quest for a Wembley victory.... I wonder what happens?

Might he Beale the right coach for Sunderland’s youngsters?

"Perhaps Michael Beale is starting to show that he may be the coach who will enable this vibrant young squad to deliver on their potential," writes Mike Stubbs.

Who will emerge from the pack for Sunderland between now and the end of the season?

Last year it was Amad and Hume who emerged from the bench to become first team stars at this point of the season - who from the current crop is likely to do the same?

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Sunderland are well-positioned with fifteen games remaining

"As the season begins to approach its final stretch, the Lads remain firmly in the playoff mix — and deservedly so," writes Phil West.

Sunderland ‘Til I Die Episode 2 Review: “Heck of a league to get out of”

In episode two we move towards the business end of the campaign — time to start reliving some brilliant memories...

Sunderland ‘Til I Die Episode 1 Review: “Something to throw your hope into”

Finally, after an almost four-year wait, season three has arrived. But has this much anticipated final installment delivered?

Editorial: Another big week for Sunderland (but... aren’t they all?)

Having picked up seven points from a possible nine in our last three games, things certainly seem to be looking up for Michael Beale and Sunderland. But this is a huge week — in more ways than one.

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Sunderland are showing real fighting spirit to keep themselves in the playoff mix

"Despite the recent panic and anger, Sunderland have rarely been far from the top six in a strong Championship," writes Paddy Hollis.

Have Sunderland finally turned a corner under Michael Beale?

Saturday’s 3-1 win over Plymouth Argyle means that the team’s unbeaten run extends to three matches - are we pointing back in the right direction under Michael Beale?

Style of play: Subtle signs that Michael Beale is making changes at Sunderland

"All-in-all, there’s much to be positive about as we head to Huddersfield on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see if our playing style continues to evolve," writes Joseph Tulip.

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Talking Points: Pilgrims hit the rocks as Sunderland roar back to win!

Despite falling behind to a comical goal from Ryan Hardie, a rousing second half display was enough for the Lads to secure the points on Saturday. Phil West looks at the game’s main stories

Matchday Musings: Sunderland overturn a half time deficit to ease past Plymouth

The Lads eventually ran out 3-1 winners against the visitors on Saturday, but as Paddy Hayes writes, it wasn’t all plain sailing against the Pilgrims at a foggy Stadium of L

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The history of Sunderland’s ‘big fellas’ is a tale of hits and misses!

The recent discussion around Hemir has lead Kelvin Beattie to reminisce about some of the other big strikers to have played for the Lads. Some were great, but others? Not so good

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