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Roker Riches 20/21

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Roker Riches 2021-22: Hello Defoe! How will the RR betting crew invest in this week of all-change?

The SAFC dressing room & the head coach’s office will all be very different after that Bolton battering, but what is worth a bet this weekend as Jermain returns, possibly under the eyes of big Roy?

Welcome back to another edition of Roker Riches.

So… Bolton was a disaster, of that there is no doubt. Johnson is gone, Defoe is back, and the new coach is likely to be watching the home match versus Doncaster with over 32,000+ other lads fans.

Another standard day at the office for SAFC then. Let’s hope this chance to reset with new faces across the team and the club leadership will kick us on back into strong form and into the top two.

Sunderland Unveil New Signing Jermain Defoe
Guess who’s back?
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

The Roker Riches table...

No winners last weekend, partly due to the away result nobody saw coming for SAFC, and partly as we are all a bit crap at anything other than SAFC from time to time.

On a positive note, our man Gair seems to have corrected his ways and is now getting his bets in ahead of most of the pack. Maybe the yellow cards rising above 5 has made him mend his ways.

Bomber managed to pick one up though, which others may suggest is sweet revenge after the grief he dishes out when others submit late asks.

No major changes in the Riches league table after that horror show in Lancashire, but hopefully some major changes in the Lads’ performances as they return to home turf this weekend.

Gair really needs a win again, as if he continues to stake about £15-20 a week, he is bust in three weekends without any wins to top him up.

Banker’s Bonus...

The extra 20 quid the kind Banker gave the lads last time out did not make a jot of difference to the fortunes of the collective. Every cloud has a silver lining allegedly, and there certainly seem to be a few more silver shillings being invested in tickets for this weekend to cheer the lads on.

Many pairs of eyes will be on the crowd and especially the exec boxes as well as on the bench. Fans will no doubt hope to see the prospective new coach(es) looking on, as returning legend Jermain Defoe may cross the paint at the SoL for his second spell in the famous stripes. The Defoe hype has really got the town and social media buzzing, of that there is no doubt. A new gaffer in the crowd will no doubt add to that.

This week's Banker’s Bonus offer is based on these new additions on and off the pitch.

If Defoe gets 15 mins or more on his return, the Riches lads will win a tenner bonus from the Banker for next Saturday’s game.

If Keane is spotted in the audience by fans or the media, the banker will double that to £20.

If both the above happen and either Defoe, Roberts, Clarke, Baath, Hume or Matete score a goal, the Banker will double double the tenner to a £40 bonus!!

We have had our dip more than once, now let’s see us rise. Fingers crossed.

Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland - Premier League
Guess who else may be back….
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

This round’s bets

Anthony Gair says...


Kidderminster/West Ham, Crystal Palace/Hartlepool, Huddersfield/Barnsley, Peterborough/QPR

BTTS for the lot is 19/1! £10 returns £200!!!

SAFC prediction

Ross Stewart and Jermain Defoe to score in the game, Sunderland to win by more than 2, over 10 corners in the match is 8/1. Dead cert if you ask me!

£10 returns £90. Money for nothing!

Sunderland v Lincoln City - Sky Bet League One
Gair wants more of this. Don’t we all.
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Luke ‘Bomber’ Davies says...

Sunderland Bet Builder

A special bet builder for a very special game! Nothing but positive vibes for this one;

- Sunderland win (-1 handicap), Over 2.5 goals, Jermain Defoe LAST goalscorer

£5 returns £43.53

Never bet on the FA Cup…. Except this weekend

It’s been a week of extraordinary events, so my Riches bets are gonna follow suit.

I’m always dead set against betting on the FA cup, but this week I’m leading with three away wins which are within the realms of possibility;

Luton to win, QPR to win, Coventry to win. £5 returns £130

Paul Fletcher says…

Sunderland to win 6-0

Why not round off one of the maddest weeks in SAFC history with another absolutely mad result? In front of the biggest crowd of the season, with Defoe potentially making an appearance and maybe even a new Head Coach watching on from the posh seats, there would be no better time to right the wrongs from last weekend. It’s an extremely unlikely outcome, which would fit perfectly with the pattern of goings on at the club this week.

£5 returns £255

Accrington to beat Rotherham

Rotherham have been pretty relentless all season with very few slip ups, especially at home. Accrington are by no means a bad side, one of only five teams to beat Rotherham this season. The chances of Accrington completing a league double over Rotherham are slim and hence the odds are quite generous. As we’re firmly in the realms of fantasy this week, why can’t Accrington come away with the three points and kickstart Rotherham’s long-awaited ‘sticky patch’.

£5 returns £37.50

Sunderland Unveil New Signing Patrick Roberts
Will we see this bloke have a go on Saturday?
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Danny Roberts says...

Sunderland to win by 3+ goals

I’m changing tact this week. We need a big performance this weekend after the horror show last weekend. I think we can and should do it against a weak Doncaster side.

£5 returns £17.50.

EFL treble

Charlton are looking for three wins in a row and they should get that against Wimbledon, Ipswich to beat Gillingham at home looks to be as straightforward as they come and Northampton to get three points against a bad Walsall side.

£10 returns £63.

Malc Dugdale says...

FA Cup Treble BTTS

FA cups often give some shock results, and while I cannot see any major upsets in this trio, I can see the opponents nicking a goal.

Chelsea v Plymouth, Kidderminster v West Ham and Man City v Fulham all going the way of the favourites but BTTS, that gives out better than 23-1.

Fiver returns £121.90

SAFC back to winning ways

SAFC to win 2-0 and Stewart to score is a result that we would take after last weekends shocker. Stewart getting the opener is highly likely especially if the roar of the crowd and the new faces have anything to do with it.

Fiver returns £65 with nice 12-1 odds for this steady but good bounce back result.

Leicester v Sunderland
Have we found the new big man little man combo?
Photo by Rui Vieira - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Michael Dunne says...

Sunderland 4-0 win

With everything that’s gone on this week, and the potential appointment of a certain Roy Maurice Keane, I am expecting a response. Doncaster are easily the worst team in this division and the stadium should be boisterous enough this weekend. A big win for the lads.

£5 @14/1 returns £75

Anthony Elanga first goalscorer

I have been impressed by the young swede in recent weeks and I think this could be a great game for him to get himself on the scoresheet. With it being the FA Cup, he is bound to get minutes.

£5 @7/1 returns £40

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League
Fancied by Michael…
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Please remember to gamble responsibly, and enjoy the footy!


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