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Is Callum Styles any good? Barnsley fan gives us the lowdown on potential Sunderland signing

It seems likely that Sunderland will sign Hungarian international Callum Styles from Barnsley - so to find out more about him, we chatted to the gang at top Tykes podcast ‘The Reds Report’. Is he any good?

Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images

So - Callum Styles. Is he any good?

Well, the honest answer is he can be. Fans have somewhat gone off Callum Styles, who wants to play in a higher league. He extended his deal last year with us before going to Millwall on loan. He got injured, but fair to say, didn’t pull up any trees. Even this season, he can go unnoticed during matches.

What’s the crack with his recent time at Barnsley... how come he was loaned out to a team in the league above last season (and it looks like he’ll be loaned to us too!)?

Clearly, Callum (or his agents) feel he is worthy of playing higher than in L1. Suppose the injury last season while at Millwall hampered all that.

It seems he’s pretty versatile. What is his best position?

Centre midfield probably his best. He has played on the left side of midfield as well, though.

Derby County v Barnsley - Sky Bet League One Photo by Mick Walker - CameraSport via Getty Images

Are you surprised he’s coming to Sunderland?

It’s difficult. We know what he is capable of but just don’t see his true potential on display anymore. He should be a shining star but often goes unnoticed.

What do you think he’ll add to our team that we maybe don’t already have?

Listen, there’s no denying that if his head is in the right place, Callum Styles can be a great addition. He’s not afraid of a tackle, got a bit of pace, good close ball control, and a (very) decent passer of the ball.

What would you say his ceiling is as a player - can you see him playing Premier League football one day?

No... Just haven’t seen anything to suggest he’d be more than a good League One/average Championship player.


I’ve read that he’s seen as an important part of the Hungarian National Team. How important is being an international footballer to Callum?

I think this is the driver to wanting to play at a higher level. Born and bred in Bury, his Hungarian heritage (through his grandad, I believe) is rightfully very important, and some of his best football has probably been with the national team.

What are his biggest weaknesses as a player?

His height - he’s not known for his aerial dominance, and his headspace. If in the wrong frame of mind, he’s an average League One player at best.

For anyone who isn’t sure about this signing, what would you say to them?

You could be signing a diamond in the rough. Perhaps playing at a higher level - and being injury-free - will unlock his potential. We’ve been unable to unlock it but know that he is capable of better than what we see (when he plays).


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