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Roker Rapport Podcast: Sunderland 0-1 Hull Review Show

Join Gav and Martin as they try and work out what the Hull went wrong when the Tigers strolled into town and took three points…

What’s The Crack?

  • We didn’t score. This is still an issue, surprisingly.
  • Why aren’t we trying something different? Is Beale doing enough to hold off the baying mob?
  • Where exactly do the hierarchy go from here with two seemingly strongly held positions becoming more and more clearly defined in fan discourse and disputes over the direction and decision making from Kyril, the board and Speakman.
  • With two horrible looking games on paper coming up... what do we do?
  • Will they actually sack a manager after 7 games or will they double down on it?

All this and more!

How To Listen…

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