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Andy’s Player Ratings: Sunderland 0-1 Hull City - Another flat performances sees the Tigers take home three points

A tepid display gave the visitor’s the opportunity to steal three points, which they duly took.

Sunderland v Hull City - Sky Bet Championship - Stadium of Light Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

Anthony Patterson: 6/10

Had very little to do, was sold very short by O’Nien leading up to the Hull goal but should have just punched the ball clear, even thought it was probably a foul and the ball came off Billy Sharp.

Jenson Seelt: 5/10

Was comfortable defensively but hung out to dry a bit by the manager making him our only outlet on the right.

Dan Ballard: 5/10

Never troubled by the visitors, made a good tackle on the edge of box early in the first half but very little defensive work to do.

Luke O’Nien (C): 4/10

Made a terrible mistake just before the first goal, trying a stupid back header that fell short rather than just heading it clear or out of play. Like Ballard, wasn’t really stretched outside of that.

Trai Hume: 5/10

Had one snapshot from the edge of the box well saved and drove forward a couple of times, had a little trouble with rare bursts forward from Coyle.

Dan Neil: 4/10

Far too passive in recent weeks and is clearly being more conservative than what his natural style would be, obviously a tactical decision but quiet again due to it. Got his header on the shot that went in but can’t blame him for that.

Pierre Ekwah: 4/10

Didn’t do anything wrong but like most of his team-mates played too slowly and showed none of the thrust he did earlier in the season.

Jobe Bellingham: 2/10

Get the ball, turn and pass backwards, sometimes lose the ball as it’s predictable. Rinse and repeat.

Alex Pritchard: 4/10

Got in some good positions from open play, particularly in the first half and had lots of set pieces but his final ball was absolutely dreadful tonight.

Jack Clarke: 5/10

A good battle with Hull’s right back and kept trying throughout the game but too easily crowded out due to the visitor’s not having to worry about a threat from the right wing.

Nazariy Rusyn: 4/10

Had one shot on goal, from a Clarke cross, that was immediately blocked. Worked hard and closed down plenty but had absolutely none of the ball and zero support.


Luis Hemir: 5/10

Put up top replacing Rusyn straight after Hull scored, even though he was ready to come on beforehand and the sub could have been changed so we could try two up top to get back into the game. Absolutely nothing to work with other than a deep ball that was just over his head.

Timothee Pembele: 5/10

Nothing to do defensively after he came on after Hull sat back and held on for the win.

Abdoullah Ba: 5/10

Tried to make something happen and gave us some width on the right.

Man of the Match: Jenson Seelt

I’m just going to give this to Seelt for doing OK on the right despite being a centre-half by trade and having no team-mate ahead of him. No stand out candidates tonight.

Sunderland v Hull City - Sky Bet Championship - Stadium of Light Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

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