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Sunderland v Newcastle United - Emirates FA Cup Third Round

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Fan Letters: Karen demands that Sunderland cancel her season cards after recent goings on

Karen has asked the club to cancel her season cards with immediate effect, and the Managing Director of a signage company who have unfortunately come under fire has gotten in touch to clarify some things. Got something to say? Email us:

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Dear Roker Report,

As a company dedicated to upholding professionalism and respect for all of our stakeholders, we would like to address the recent false reports that the JS Group installed NUFC related signage at SAFC’s Black Cats bar.

We would like to reiterate that we as a company had no part in the signage installation, and we fear there has been misinformation spread by an unknown source.

As a company based in Gateshead, we understand the fierce passion and rivalry that both Sunderland AFC and Newcastle United hold and regret any impact that this situation has had on both fans, especially SAFC.

Having supplied signage elements to Sunderland AFC between 2007- 2019, we would hate to have what is a healthy relationship with the club as well as the Sunderland community squandered due to misinformation.

It has been crucial for us to clarify our involvement in this situation and we hope that this has shed some well-needed light on a situation that has affected so many passionate football fans.

As a company dedicated to clear communication, we are taking steps to ensure that this situation will never happen again.


Jonathan Cawthorn (Managing Director)

Dear Roker Report,

I am stopping reading comments on social media and will only read the headlines regarding Sunderland, as I am sick of all the negativity. I don’t mean the recent happenings regarding the Black Cats Bar.

To me, it seems that most fans want head coaches and players to fail just so they could say, ‘I told you he was rubbish and I was right all along’.

They complain because we don’t sign certain players e.g. Jay Stansfield but he mentioned that he selected Birmingham over us because it was closer to London.

They complain that Alex Pritchard hasn’t been offered a new contract but in the summer Mowbray stated he would be allowed to leave for personal reasons. However, this never materialised but what if he still wants to leave for those reasons?

Others saying KLD won’t spend as he just wants to take the money. What money? We may have over 30,000 season ticket holders but they aren’t that expensive. Mine works out at £16 a match. Then there are all the concessions season cards to be included. If KLD is in it to only line his own pockets then he would want us in the Premiership ASAP because that’s where the real money is.

Some fans, near me, at the Coventry match booing Beale and singing Mowbray’s name was embarrassing. Yet, the same fans were shouting for Mowbray to be sacked when we played Huddersfield.

My biggest fears on Sat against the Scum was not losing but getting hammered and fans taking it out on the team by booing or leaving early. However, whilst we played poorly, I was proud of the way the fans stuck together and sang even when the 3rd goal was scored. This is what we need, a togetherness.

Unfortunately not reading the comments may mean that I miss Rowellworld’s first ever positive reply.

Peter Welsh

(Letter was sent to the club, and we have been asked to publish it)

Please cancel these our season tickets immediately [details redacted].

The disrespect of Tony Mowbray in the summer and his subsequent sacking is a complete break in trust between the owners, board, hierarchy and the club’s supporters. The way this club has been managed in all aspects off the pitch is an absolute joke and nothing has improved. Non league clubs are better managed than Sunderland AFC. You even changed the pies, no doubt to save a few quid, The original pies were lovely the new absolutely horrible. Try the new mince and potato for yourselves it’s like eating wet concrete. The club could earn a fortune in selling merchandise, there are never enough replica shirts. The club shop is very rarely open. Ticketing issues are commonplace. Last season I emailed asking you to change the Over 65 season ticket to a adult. I never heard back from you and my request wasn’t implemented. The match day experience is becoming a very disappointing affair. The Stadium needs serious investment.

Tony Mowbray is the best manager, a really great bloke that we’ve had in years, playing the best football in decades. You lot sack him, Mike Dodds did a fine job in the interim you perhaps should of given him the job permanently because Michael Beale is nothing but a chancer, he is completely inept and out of his depth. Then if we look at the absolute debacle that has been the FA Cup Derby against our biggest rivals. You’ve kicked out your own supporters of their season ticket seats to accommodate far too many Newcastle supporters. I have heard stories on twitter some fans didn’t even have a seat in the south stand and they were made to stand some being disabled and because they were standing supporters in wheelchairs couldn’t see. Others I’ve been told there wasn’t any previous purchased seats in yet another cock up and because it was sold out they couldn’t attend the match. If the attendance was 44,000 on match day what have you done with the 5,000 it’s a 49,000 seat stadium. The desecration of the Black Cats Bar all again to make a few more quid but to move and treat your own supporters with such contempt is beyond belief. These owners, board, hierarchy have brought great shame and embarrassment to this great club. The club statement was completely inadequate even KLD’s personal apology is questionable in its integrity due to the fact that the hospitality package offered and advertised to Newcastle included the Black Cat’s Bar being rebranded 3/4 weeks ago. Basically the owners, board, hierarchy are completely taking the piss out of us supporters. You are but the custodians it is our club and you are nothing without us. Yet you feed us shit from every angle and expect us to just swallow it. You are all a disgrace to this proud club. Passion Pride Wearside you invite our bitterest rivals into our stadium, you yourselves piss all over your own supporters and they piss all over us and you idiots, by their final insult with their photoshoot at the end of the match.

Oh yes the match, your manager that very few if indeed any of us wanted set our lads up all wrong, his tactics were all wrong yet he failed to change it. He didn’t motivate our lads or try to change anything from the technical area because he spent most of his time sat down. Or standing motionless saying nothing with his hands in his pocket. He set those lads up to fail the man is clueless. We gifted all three goals. At his post match interview he threw those lads under the bus. I’m begging you KLD get rid of this terrible manager now, please. All the good work done will go down the drain especially if we lose key players in the transfer window and can’t attract new ones to replace them. You’ve been around football all your life surely pet you can see Beale is not the right manager.

I’ve been a Sunderland supporter for 52 years I’m 60 in February. My son Geordie born is a Sunderland supporter because his mam is, I’ve been bringing him to the Stadium of Light since he was about 3yrs old he’s 23 this month. That’s Sunderland AFC it’s about family, community it’s going to take a long time to rebuild the trust. I’ll always be a Sunderland supporter and I’ll back the lads always but at this time my heart is broken because I love my manager Tony Mowbray, lost trust and faith in owners, board and hierarchy and I could not have any faith in Michael Beale ever.

Ha Way the Lads

Karen Kerrison


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