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Roker Rapport Podcast: “The Dan Neil Appreciation Society” - Sunderland 0-1 Cardiff reaction!

Gav and Chris were quite frustrated with the result on Sunday but they managed to sit down and relive it all for a giggle, weaving a few of your points, questions and three word reviews throughout... and aye just generally being themselves.

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What's the crack?

  • Aye that's a shite way to lose a game isn't it.
  • Gav bans his mate from attending any future home fixtures;
  • How can we dominate like that and yet lose, and why does it feel so Sunlun?
  • The positives: Dan Neil and Jobe Bellingham to name a couple; how good is young Jobe, was taking him off a mistake? Just how exceptional a player is Dan Neil going to be? He’s already a PL midfielder in our opinion.
  • Do we play better without a striker? It would appear so currently, but can that change?
  • Aye you might’ve noticed this was actually recorded in the immediate aftermath of the game so Gav and Chris got stuck into the immediate fan reaction and many of our listener opinions;
  • All this and more! Back Thursday with a nice shiny new preview for our upcoming game against Wednesday on Friday. Aye.

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