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Fan Letters: “Use the Lihadji money to sign a new centre forward for Sunderland!”

With Isaac Lihadji gone before he could make an impact, will Sunderland re-invest the money we received for him wisely? RR reader John Collings hopes so! Got something to say? Email us:

Dear Roker Report,

I write having just learned we have traded Lihadji, to Sand-Dune Utd, for hopefully squillions; this can only be a good move for Sunderland, he was a player who we had yet to learn how to pronounce his name let alone take to our heart.

If anyone who was asked to name Sunderland 1st XI I doubt any would have him in it.

Let them use the money to attract a useful forward, who hopefully survives the training!

Some may be kept to keep present staff sweet?

By the way, soccer as a term was first used at Eton college to differentiate association football from Rugger (rugby football). If the term is so abhorrent what about the show on Sky News, Saturday Football Special does not have the same impact; neither would Football AM, just saying.

John Collings

Dear Roker Report,

I have tried several times to phone the ticket office, always unsuccessfully. In fact the last time I tried I was kept on the line by a voice telling me that my call was important to them and would be dealt with shortly.

My call was important to me so I held on for over 20 minutes and eventually gave up when I couldn’t stand listening to the music anymore.

We had to travel through to the ticket Office for the fourth time to try to rectify their mistake. When we got there, there was a queue waiting to buy season tickets and, since we needed to see a specific person, we decided to go round to the rear entrance. Waiting inside were two men on their phones trying to get someone’s attention.

They said they had been there ages and we could hear the phone ringing inside but no one was answering. They said they had an appointment with the directors to discuss the new digital system but couldn’t contact anyone.

We went round to the front desk and told them but by the time someone went to check, the men had given up and gone. No wonder so many things have taken so long to iron out.

Why on earth do they give out the phone number when they totally ignore it?

Marjorie Hewitson

Ed’s Note [Gav]: It seems pretty obvious to be they’re horrendously understaffed and nobody cares about addressing it, so these problems will just continue until they do.

Depressing, I know, and I wish there was an easier way for people to get the help they need.

Dear Roker Report,

Reading all the problems that our supporters have had with the ticket office I thought I’d put my two pennithworth in.

Having had a car parking space for around 4 or 5 years costing £200, this year’s went up to £210 as I have mobility issues now and am unable to walk up the bank to Southwick where I parked my car for a number of years.

I bought a ticket over 65’s for £5 for the Real Mallorca friendly and sent an email to the ticket office asking when my pass was coming as I wanted to use it for that weekend’s game.

I got a reply back saying I would get my pass that week but it wasn’t valid for the friendly game. (The pass actually came on Tuesday 1st August), I emailed them again saying I thought it was disgusting as I’d already paid £210 for a pass I thought the least they could do was allow people to use them for the friendly as I have been allowed to before.

I got another email saying the pass was only valid for home league games and SOME cup games no mention of what they would be and if I wanted to buy a pass for that game I could buy emailing or phoning.

I phoned twice and was cut off both times. Sent another email saying if it was more than a fiver (price of ticket) it wasn’t worth it to get one, still waiting for a reply.

Michael Jordan

Dear Roker Report,

Re: Fan Letters [August 4th 2023]

Whenever are we cruising enough to change our number 1?

Ian Dent


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