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Roker Rapport Podcast: “The Clappening” - Crewe Review & Preston Preview!

Gavin sat down with Craig “usually angry but now quite calm” Chapman to go over the events of the last day or two, looking at the untelevised and scarcely attended cup game on Tuesday night that seemed to start a minor riot on social media, give their own thoughts on the reaction since and look ahead to Preston at the weekend… with a word or two from Craig’s lovely wife who unfortunately (for both her and her husband) is actually a Preston fan.

What’s the crack?

  • Don’t Panic? Do Panic? Why are we panicking again?
  • How was the fan experience for these two daft lads who unaccountably turned up to watch the Crewe game?
  • What can we take away from that performance if anything and how did the rest of the Championship do against their respective lower league opposition?
  • How are we feeling ahead of our trip to Deepdale on Saturday? Confident we’ll resume our away form and give the fans something to smile about?
  • Is it possible to be slightly concerned about something and not turn it into something else entirely? Should we wait until the window is over before the inquest begins? Gav thinks so...
  • All this and more! Claps included.
  • All this and much more!

Where can I listen?

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