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Sunderland’s Jordan Henderson celebrates

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Fan Letters: ‘I’ve never been so let down by a footballer’

Henderson’s decision to help Saudi sportwashing has upset a lot of supporters... Got something to say? Email us!

Photo credit should read GRAHAM STUART/AFP via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

On Jordan Henderson – I don’t think I’ve ever felt so let down by a footballer – not because he’s the captain of arguably the best team in the world and disappearing to a mickey mouse league when he still has a lot to give at the top level; but because I felt that he’d broke the stereotype of ‘overpaid, idiot footballer’.

Being from Sunderland, and doing the area proud on the pitch, I think I’d have seen him through rose-tinted spectacles regardless, but his conduct off the pitch was fantastic. The way he spoke out in defence of a really marginalised community in the LGBTQ+ (sorry if I’ve not got that correct) people. The fundraising over lockdown, where he reportedly led the way, I felt that was the Sunderland in him. This is what the area produces. Good people.

He said, ”I do believe when you see something that is clearly wrong and makes another human being feel excluded you should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them” in regards to oppressed communities and their treatment from the world’s foremost bloodthirsty dictatorship.

For him to then go and think, well they’re not actually that bad, I’ll go and work for them. I bet no one even remembers what I said before. What a total w*nker.

He’ll reportedly earn £700,000 a week tax-free, as I mentioned earlier, I think he still has a lot to give at the top level, but when you hear of players like Mahrez, who’ll earn about half of that, you have to wonder what’s up. He’s younger and a much better player, so why the huge difference in pay? It’s because he was so vociferous in these humanitarian matters.

If they could pay him to shut up, they could do it to any player. So sadly, that stereotype is back with a vengeance. It will be interesting to see if he tries speaking up again, I don’t believe he’d bother again, mainly because with his new bosses, he’ll fancy keeping his neck in one whole piece.

It was easy for the Saudis to buy into Newcastle. After Mike Ashley, they’d have taken to Bin Laden as the new owner if he turned up on the Bigg Market and got a few rounds in, but Henderson was supposed to have been a challenge.

For anyone who says that £700,000 grand a week is money for his grandkids and their kids after, is £200,000 a week to be sniffed at? What’s the difference between rich and slightly richer?


Well, your soul, apparently.



Sunderland’s English midfielder Jordan H
Oh Jordan
Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

No criticism of Jordan. He is at the end of his career, so why should he not go for the final big wage packet. Good luck to him,s and I for one have enjoyed watching his development throughout his time at SAFC and Liverpool.

John Bramley

Dear Roker Report,

I am extremely disappointed in Henderson’s decision to put greed before principle. It’s one thing for a working man to go to Saudi to support his family and perhaps put a bit aside, but for a multi-millionaire who has expressed strong views on certain issues then dumps them, it stinks.

I have always said Henderson is the best young player we have produced in my time. (Since 1961).

The Saudi regime is fascist in all but name. Will Henderson join the mags viewing the mass executions?

Jim Wales

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks for your letters Jake, John and Jim. I fully agree with the sentiments of Jake and Jim here – very disappointing that he’s sold his soul and sacrificed his beliefs in exchange for the money. He always did come across as someone who was down to earth and very much ‘of the people’. Maybe it’s all an elaborate ploy and he’ll donate significant amounts of the money to good causes such as the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen? One day of Henderson’s salary would keep them going for a hell of a long time.

Dear Roker Report,

Why is it that the Stadium of Light has not had a facelift since day one? it looks very shabby by today’s standards of other clubs.

Alan Ferry

Ed’s Note [Martin]: You’re spot on - the Stadium could do with a bit of a spruce up. It’s more than a quarter of a century old now, and needs some serious maintenance and investment to keep it up to date.


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