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Fan Letters: “I am so disappointed with Jordan Henderson’s decision to take the Saudi shilling”

Jordan Henderson’s decision to take the Saudi coin is under scrutiny today, as is Ross Stewart’s contract situation. Got something to say? Email us!

Liverpool v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

First-time emailer.

I am so disappointed with Jordan Henderson’s decision to take the Saudi shilling. As a high-profile England international and former captain, he is a real coup for the sports washing project.

I know people will argue that the money being offered to play in that league is just to good to turn down, but when you are already fabulously wealthy that does allow you to make decisions that can be based upon your values and morals, based up previous interviews by JH it just makes this decision all the more surprising.

I would find it hard to accept this move is because he wants to play under Gerrard, let’s face it he is no Cloughie or Pep!!

In all honesty, we cannot criticise the mob up the road for being part of the sport-washing project and not level the same criticism at JH even if he is a ‘son’ of Sunderland. In the future, if JH did return to our great club, he would not have my support!


Ed’s Note [Martin]: You gave me flashbacks to lying in bed listening to Night Owls there Neil! Yep, Henderson’s a big coup for the them and I’m surprised to see him take the coin. I’ve read arguments that it’s lifechanging and no one would turn it down, but I don’t know just how lifechanging it can be for someone who’s already a multimillionaire. He deserves all the criticism Newcastle get and is now complicit in it all. It’s a shame, but he’s obviously able to overlook certain things if there’s enough cash on the table.

Sunderland v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I reply with total astonishment to William White's question about Ross Stewart in a previous edition of Fan Letters.

Fact 1: The two serious injuries he has suffered could well have ended his career.

Fact 2: Neither party, club nor player is going to offer/sign a legally binding contract if he’s not fully fit and able to fulfill the details and clauses in the contract.

Fact 3: We need RS fully fit and raring to go for what is going to be a very difficult season for the entire team and not only RS. Fact when someone is on the sick, he can’t be handed any kind of ultimatum!

Malcolm Donnison

Ed’s Note [Martin]: The contract can be signed regardless of injury Malcolm, and the club’s position will be informed by any medical advice. They could give him an ultimatum about signing the contract – being injured isn’t the same as being off work on the sick, as Stewart will be in work every day doing his rehab – but at this point I don’t see any benefit in doing so as I doubt another club would sign him at present with so many question marks. It’ll get interesting in January if he’s back and scoring, as I suspect it will be resolved one way or another then.

Dear Roker Report,

Just been reading the content concerning Stewart messing Sunderland about, which I disagree with for various reasons.

Firstly he is 27 years of age and Sunderland will have been his first decent wage in football I would argue. This contract will be the most important of his career in respect of making sure he has security, as a three or four-year deal will take him to 30 or 31.

Secondly, negotiations between club and agents have been ongoing for approximately 12 months, according to reports, with Speakman stating he is confident and that Stewart is happy here. Coupled with his serious injury, it is prudent the club are reticent at this stage. However, no one outside of those parties knows exactly what the situation is, though blaming the player, who always gives 100% is extremely harsh in my opinion.

Finally, taking into account his injury, and the fact he will not be fit until months into the season, I cannot see any transfer being completed in this window, and when he returns, hopefully hitting the ground running, then if there is no resolution by January, then sanction a sale, rather than losing him for nothing – although if he is looking for security, then a Premier League team, like an Everton, would be a likely destination.

Tom Gardner

Ed’s Note [Martin]: For us, it’s potentially a risk giving him a big contract now as he may not return the same player. For him, it’s risky not signing it for the same reason. Maybe our stance has changed since his second injury; that wouldn’t be a surprise. Ultimately, if he does want to stay they’ll figure it out – if he’s back playing and scoring before January, that’ll be crunch time either way. As you rightly say, this will be Stewart’s one chance to earn really good money playing football, and you can’t criticise him for getting the best deal for himself. Regardless, I think we have to sign players so we can cope without him, because there’s no guarantee he’ll return and maintain form and fitness, so we just have to let this one play out I reckon.

Fulham v Sunderland: Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round
Will Stewart return the same?
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I’m emailing to find out the latest transfer rumours/news.

Strikers: I would like to know the latest news if there’s any more information on the links with Eliezer Mayenda or any other strikers. I hope there’s some new or more links on strikers.

Isaac Lihadji: I hope there’s good news from Tony on Isaac Lihadji because I don’t wanna see him go because he’s a talented player and a good backup right winger to Patrick Roberts.

Summing up: Anyway to end the email I hope there’s more positive striker news.

Liam (Sunderland supporter)

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks for your email Liam. Everything we know is up on the site, so stay tuned and we’ll share anything with you as soon as we hear!

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