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Heracles Almelo v PSV U23 - Dutch Keuken Kampioen Divisie

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Interview: PSV Eindhoven fans give us their views on Sunderland new-boy Jenson Seelt

Sunderland have signed PSV Eindhoven youngster Jenson Seelt, with the 20 year old defender joining after a season with PSV’s second team. We asked a bunch of their fans what he’s like, and what we can expect from the big defender...

Photo by Photo Prestige/Soccrates/Getty Images

So… is Jerome Seelt any good?

@MVOGoat: He definitely has the qualities to succeed - definitely in the championship.

@PaulvHalderen98: I wouldn’t say he is good… like he is never going to reach the level for PSV’s first team, but he is decent and a good header of the ball.

@Theonlywinnerss: He is okay - he’s not PSV first team level, but decent. I don’t think he would ever be good enough, so the £2m price tag is a great deal for both parties.

What were your first impressions when you heard that he was leaving to join Sunderland?

@MVOGoat: Good for him, to be honest. He wasn’t going to be making the PSV squad anytime soon. It’s a nice way to kickstart his career.

@PaulvHalderen98: I wasn’t surprised! He couldn’t make the next step at PSV and he is tall… something that is always important in England.

@Theonlywinnerss: I love Sunderland - I watched the whole Netflix series, so I loved it when I heard where he was moving. I think he will have a very hard time initially, but will eventually make it.

TOP Oss v PSV U23 - Dutch Keuken Kampioen Divisie Photo by Photo Prestige/Soccrates/Getty Images

We apparently fought off interest from Premier League sides to sign him. Are you at all surprised that he chose Sunderland in the Championship? Is this a good move for him?

@MVOGoat: I am not surprised. Burnley right now there is no chance to start, with their Premier League budget and existing squad. Although I would have expected a move to Eredivisie.

@PaulvHalderen98: I can not see this being true, actually. He’s nowhere near good enough for the Premier League yet. The Championship is way better for him.

@Theonlywinnerss: You did not fight any Premier League clubs - and if you did, it was for their second team. There wasn’t even a possibility of him playing for our first team.

How did he perform last season?

@MVOGoat: He was the leader of defence for the u23s. He was good but not outstanding enough to really put him in a position so that Ruud van Nistelrooy needed to use him in the first team.

@PaulvHalderen98: Not good enough to make the first team, but decent enough for the second string!

@Theonlywinnerss: He did decent always for the second team. But, was never anywhere near good enough for the first team, even though we had a defensive problem.

Ajax v PSV - Dutch KNVB Beker Photo by Photo Prestige/Soccrates/Getty Images

What sort of defender is he?

@MVOGoat: Very complete - he has a lot of physicality. He doesn’t particularly shine at one thing.

@PaulvHalderen98: Tall but pretty slow. He’s not too good with speedy players, but is strong at corners.

@Theonlywinnerss: He’s tall - and whilst he’s not very fast, positionally he is good. He needs to fill out a bit though.

We like our defenders to play as well as be aggressive when defending - he looks like he’s a big lad. Do you think he fits the bill?

@MVOGoat: I think he will be able to give you what you need. He is always quite high up the pitch and he isn’t a bad ball-playing defender. The only issue I foresee is his ability to read certain defensive situations.

@PaulvHalderen98: He can be very good if you play defensive football - but, I think playing attacking football with room behind him would be bad for him.

@Theonlywinnerss: He is a tall lad, not a big lad. He’s not quite there yet - he needs to work on that and his speed.

PSV v Sevilla - UEFA Europa League Photo by Photo Prestige/Soccrates/Getty Images

The Championship is a tough league and it’s a big deal moving to a new country. Do you think he will fit straight in, or will he need time to settle?

@MVOGoat: He’ll need a little time, definitely. The first step away from PSV isn’t easy by any means - this is his first real first team squad. Think he’ll be quick with fitting in, however.

@PaulvHalderen98: 100%, he needs time to settle.

What are his strengths and weaknesses as a player?

@MVOGoat: He is very balanced as a player. His physical attributes are obvious. He is also definitely not bad with the ball. His weaknesses are definitely his reading of some defensive situations. Jong PSV have suffered a lot with corners and free kicks.

@PaulvHalderen98: Strengths would be his heading and passing - in terms of his weaknesses, probably his speed and awareness.

What would you say to anyone unsure about Sunderland signing Seelt?

@MVOGoat: Give the lad your full support. He might not be Maldini on day one, but he has definite class and with time, I am 100% certain he could be a centre back that Sunderland could take with them to the Premier League.

@PaulvHalderen98: He will not be the player that makes the difference right away, he might need a year, but he can grow at the level of Sunderland and be a starter eventually.

@Theonlywinnerss: Don’t expect wonders right away - he has a lot of work to do. But, he might get there in the end.


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