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Sunderland Unviel New Signing Luis Semedo

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Editorial: Father’s Day was a perfect chance to sell new Sunderland kits - again we fall short

Yesterday was Father’s Day, but you won’t have seen anyone walking around in their new Sunderland kits because they aren’t on sale yet for some reason! Still... the Ross Stewart regen Semedo is here, and he’s beautiful!

Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Father's Day came - and highlighted our crap merch selection!

Clubs all over England released their kits last week in advance of Father’s Day knowing that it’s a big day when it comes to shifting new shirts - but not Sunderland AFC, of course, who never seem to capitalise on these things and always wait ages to get their kits on sale.

I’m sure that there will be an excuse but it’s a bit irritating, particularly when a) I would have bought one for my dad b) I probably would have got one off my little girl and c) I live in a village where it’s half and half and I’ve seen tonnes of mags walking around in barcode shirts this weekend.

Even the new training gear - which we’ve seen worn by Semedo and Cirkin in recent days - would have been nice.

I ventured onto ahead of writing this piece to see what they had to offer, and it’s almost all shite. The only stuff they have from last season are training tops, and whilst I like the Avec stuff it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

It’s a minor gripe, all things considered, but with the club making huge strides on the pitch we’re often left wanting off it. We could have made a fortune by capitalising on the good end to last season and the hope and expectation that we’re taking into the new one, but yet again we haven’t and I’m left wondering why.

Yesssssss! I’ve always wanted a Robbie Robot. How much? Fifteen quid?! TAKE MY MONEY!

Semedo joins the revolution

That’s enough of the whinging.

What about Luis Semedo, then? Or as he's set to be known, Hemir.

The deal was rumoured in the Portuguese online media a few weeks ago, and finally it’s been confirmed - with the man arriving from Benfica signing up for a five year deal.

He’s swapped the Stadium of Light for the Stadium of Light - to my mind, he’s the first player to ever make that journey. Feel free to correct me in the comments.

What do I know about him, I hear you ask? Well, not a lot really, other than that he looks flippin’ mint on YouTube videos. Let’s hope he’s more Amad Diallo and less Nacho Scocco in that regard.

What’s most impressive for me is that we’re being really diligent with our business and getting deals done early. It’s very un-Sunderland and it’s making me nervous, but I like it.

There’s surely more to come over the coming weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing what magic Speakman and Harvey have been able to weave over the last few months - even despite knowing bot all about the people we bring to the football club these days, you can’t deny that it’s not exciting. We’ve just signed a 19-year-old 6ft4 Ross Stewart regen and I absolutely love to see it.

One week ‘til pre-season starts!

Where the hell has that time gone?!

Pre-season begins this time next week and as the players return to the Academy of Light to be put through their paces, thoughts will quickly turn to the new campaign and whether we’re capable of winning the league in just our second attempt since promotion from League One.

It’s been great to see the videos online of various players doing personal training and coaching ahead of their return to Wearside. I know this is fairly standard these days but it’s a modern phenomenon and years ago players would be making the most of their last week off, spending it on holiday or in a bar, not out on the grass getting some light fitness work in.

Jack Clarke doesn’t look like he’s missed a step... although, it appears that the person in goal was his little brother or something because he didn’t get near anything.


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