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Roker Rapport Podcast: ”Don’t jinx it lads, this is Sunlun” - SAFC v Watford Match Preview!

Aye lads and lasses, results went our way the last few days and we now head into a huge game against Watford tomorrow at the Stadium of Light! Our Gav, Chris and Martin sat down to shake their heads at the insanity of finding ourselves in this position in spite of every obstacle placed in our path. 

What’s the crack?

  • The excitement is building, the stadium is sold out and the scene is set for a crazy finish to the 22/23 EFL Championship season. So how is everyone feeling?
  • Just been a mad couple of weeks hasn’t it… Should we all calm down?
  • Results elsewhere have put it in our hands now, so will the Lads rise to the challenge in front of what looks to be our highest attendance this season?
  • The lads freak out a bit about how well everything is going… it can’t continue can it? This is Sunlun after all.
  • How do Watford look coming into the game? They seem a bit of a wounded animal currently, so how should we approach them?
  • Should we just go for the kill?
  • Gav says something inspirational and doubles down on his bold prediction about finishing in the top six and somehow making it to Wembley for a third consecutive year, but are Chris and Martin as confident?
  • Is someone a little too confident?
  • All this and more! HA’WAY THE LADS! BRING THE NOISE!

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