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Roker Rapport Podcast: The Coventry 2-1 Sunderland Review (and some listener questions!)

It is our solemn duty to report that - as fun as the last couple days have been drinking the quite delicious tears of random Newcastle fans - our mag neighbours sadly weren't the only team to lose at the weekend. In light of this, our Gav and Chris sat down as the weekend drew to a close to dissect another in a long line of losses to the spawn of Jimmy Hill.

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What’s the crack?

  • Why can’t we beat Coventry at their home ground… even when they don’t own their home ground?
  • Tony’s team selection; let’s just say we weren’t fans of it.
  • Tony’s team management; you guessed it, not fans of it.
  • That referee; again, not big fans.
  • Are the Lads actually tired or are they hearing Tony tell them they’re tired so merely playing along?
  • That Gyökeres is some player isn’t he?
  • Why is Mowbray not considering the likes of O’Nien in midfield in games like this where he’d arguably be far better suited than Dan Neil and Michut?
  • How do Gav and Chris feel heading into our lovely reunion with the bald lad who left midway through the start of our season for more money?
  • All this and more! It’ll be reet man.

Ha’way the Lads!

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