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Donna Summer

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Reader’s Corner: The new Sunderland soundtrack!

RR reader Steven Cook has come up with a bunch of new songs he thinks we could sing about some of the current players. What do you reckon? Email us:

Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images

Dan Neil – This Time I Know it’s For Real

He needs a better song than just the generic ‘he’s one of our own’ that’s given to any academy product at any club these days – so how about this Donna Summer classic, mainly because ‘This time I know it’s Dan Neil’ fits beautifully instead of ‘for real’!

We’re gonna sing his name to let you know
You’d be amazed how much we love him so
He’s a massive Sunderland fan and how it shows
This time I know it’s Dan Neil

Dan Ballard – Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

I know it was a popular song for Wes Brown – but I doubt anyone would be too precious about reworking it for Dan Ballard, who is fast becoming a colossus in our defence (it could also fit for Danny Batth as well!).

He’s big, he’s hard he’s Dan Ballard
Sunderland’s rock-solid centre half
Strikers all beware
Come and have a go if you dare

Jack Clarke – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

An older song that a lot of the younger fans might not know, but it’s easy and catchy!

Yes it’s alright, we’ve got Super Jack Clarke and he’s class class class!

Trai Hume – Hey Jude

Trai Hume has been a complete revelation since coming into the team and fully deserves a song – but is in danger of being lumbered with the god-awful ‘Huuuuuuuume’. Instead, why not go for this, which although a lot of other clubs use (including us in the past for Keano, thanks Sheff Wed DJ) but does fit really well for his name?

Na… na na na na na na…… na na na na…… Trai Hume

Joe Geldhart – Chorus of ‘Braveheart’

Far from a classic but a fairly catchy chorus that would fit well with Joffy’s name:

Gelhardt – show us what you’ve got, go and score another goal now, Gelhardt…

For the whole team: Caravan of Love by The Housemartins

And finally, more of a team one – one I think would work really well as it’s simple but catchy

Every woman every man, sing your hearts out for the lads

Sund’land, Sund’land, Sund’land


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