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The SAFC 365 Advent Calendar (Dec 5th): Five goal hauls!

Your countdown to Christmas – but with a Sunderland AFC twist! (DEK)

Still got somebody you need to buy a gift for? Have you been given some Christmas cash or a bonus at work? Buy SAFC 365 then! A Sunderland anthology, it is jam packed with red and white history and will see all profits go to the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen…

The book has an entry for each day of the year, looking back across nearly 145 years’ worth of Sunderland highs and lows, so to whet your whistle Roker Report has an advent window ready for every morning in the build up to the 25th of December.

Never mind five gold rings, Bobby Gurney was more valuable…

There have been four instances of a Sunderland player scoring five goals in a game for the Lads. Jimmy Millar was the first to do it during an FA Cup tie in 1895 (wait until the 12th for more information on that one) with Nick Sharkey being the most recent to achieve the feat during a famous 7-1 victory over Norwich City in 1963.

Bizarrely, the other two instances both happened at Roker Park on the same date and were during seasons that eventually ended with the club winning the Football League title. Charlie Buchan went nap against Liverpool on the 7th of December 1912, the final score being 7-0, whilst 24 years later Bobby Gurney followed suit as part of a 7-2 demolition of Bolton Wanderers.

Those goals put the great Gurney top of the SAFC all time scorer list with 228, and the next man? Buchan of course, only five behind on 223!

Bobby Gurney, the main man!

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