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Sunderland v Coventry City - Sky Bet Championship

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Fan Letters (Bonus Edition): How realistic is it that we’ll see big changes on Boxing Day?

Clearly something needs to change, but given the short turnaround between games, what can we realistically expect to see when we face Hull on Boxing Day? Have your say - email us:

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Dear Roker Report,

I never post straight after a game as emotions are running high so I tend to wait a while. I don’t take too much notice of any manager/coach’s first game in charge either (remember Parkinson won his 5-0 and look how that turned out).

I think Beale bought into or was told by Dodds and co “There’s not much wrong it just needs a little tinkering”. He obviously now knows it is far more than that. We’ll find out in the next few games whether Beale if he’s his own man or not.

Personally I expect to see changes at Hull and I hope Beale at least makes them, even if they aren’t successful it will at least show he knows what the problem is and is trying to rectify it.

John Briggs

Dear Roker Report,

I went to the match on Saturday full of hope that I had seen the end of the Mowbrey/Dodds era but found that there was one last finale (hopefully) to sit through.

Did Michael Beale come into the Club and pick virtually the same eleven players and think everything would be fine? Had he not seen our results over the season? Had he not been advised that a centre forward had not scored a goal all season? Did he think that having the majority of possession and passes were enough to win a game of football?

If not he certainly knows now.

Last week you published my letter in support of change at Sunderland and I stand by that. But Saturday was no change from before. Beale didn’t start with a lot of fans and he has less now. If he wants to keep his job then he has to be ruthless and change some players and the system. Our build up is far too slow. Ekwah and Jobe are both too one paced in midfield and Robert’s is a luxury we simply can't afford. We need strikers whether they are at the club now or arriving in January. And they need to play and not be sat on the bench. O’Nien is a defensive midfielder and not a centre half. Get real Beale or you won’t last long.

Bill Fisher

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Cheers John & Bill - will answer both in a oner as you’re basically covering off the same thing! I actually sympathise with Beale regarding the team selection. He’s only been in the door less than a week and the games are coming thick and fast, so you’d imagine he’s leaning on the coaching staff for their input into how things should play out. Mike Dodds said in an interview when he took over that they had planned everything up to the Coventry game, so it all makes sense.

Given the turnaround from Coventry to Boxing Day, with Christmas Day wedged in the middle of it which you’d imagine is a day off, I think it’s hard to see him making any major changes, even though it’s change that we clearly need. I’d like to see us with three at the back, wing backs and a striker up front but something like that is a dramatic change to the way we’ve basically played for two years now and I can’t see that happening for Hull purely because of the short time frame we’ve had to prepare for it.

The least he can do is stick a striker up front, though...


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