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The SAFC 365 Advent Calendar (Dec 18th): The Full Sunderland record!

Your countdown to Christmas – but with a Sunderland AFC twist! 

Still got somebody you need to buy a gift for? Have you been given some Christmas cash or a bonus at work? Buy SAFC 365 then! A Sunderland anthology, it is jam packed with red and white history and will see all profits go to the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen…

The book has an entry for each day of the year, looking back across nearly 145 years’ worth of Sunderland highs and lows, so to whet your whistle Roker Report has an advent window ready for every morning in the build up to the 25th of December.

Sunderland unable to make full use of the opportunity…

Created in 1985, the Full Members Cup offered clubs another chance of getting to Wembley, but it was to be a tournament that Sunderland never really made the most of following a strong of early exits…

They were eliminated by Manchester City and Bradford City in their first two attempts, and once back in the competition (now known as the Simon Cup) in 1988-89 in was Blackburn Rovers that did for them.

The tournament was rebranded again the following season as the Zenith Data Systems when the Lads fell at the first hurdle to Port Vale at Roker Park, and the following season they were seen off by Everton.

It was a heavy defeat at Goodison Park and meant the Lads had conceded a total of 18 goals across there ten ties (not including penalty shoot outs), and in 1991-92 they were the only second tier side not to take part at all.

This proved to be the final time the competition was staged, not that it seemed the club were all that fussed anyway!


Jack Clarke’s injury is a massive blow for Sunderland, but others now need to step up!


On This Day (29th February 1964): FA Cup chaos between Sunderland and Manchester United!


How many points will Sunderland pick up from their next three games?

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