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Roker Rapport Podcast: “DoddsBall” - Reacting to Sunderland 2-1 West Brom!

Sunderland won a game of football with Mike Dodds in charge, and we’re here to react to it! Join Gav & Chris as they mull over a pleasing performance, chat about the departure of Tony Mowbray and look ahead to Leeds on Tuesday...

What’s the crack?

  • Well, it’s been a bit of a week, hasn’t it? Chris catches us up on his thoughts on Mogga’s sacking
  • Back to basics in many ways - and it worked!
  • Jobe up front - what do we think about that?
  • How much credit does Mike Dodds deserve?
  • Potential red cards, a blatantly onside offside goal, dodgy free kicks and more - it was another day to forget for the EFL officials
  • Expectations vs reality - what’s going to happen when we play Leeds?
  • All of this and more... please tune in!

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