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Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen Christmas Fundraiser 2023: It’s time to help once again

People of Sunderland and our friends around the world - we are calling on YOU to help us to feed the most vulnerable people on Wearside this Christmas. Let’s ALL do our bit, together! Click here to donate.

Well, ladies and gentlemen - it’s that time of year again.

Another December is upon us, and once again we are calling on all of you to get behind our campaign to raise as much money as we possibly can for what I believe to be the greatest of all causes - the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen.

Since we began this beautiful relationship with the team over at SCSK in 2019 we’ve raised an absolutely enormous amount each year, money which quite literally goes from your pocket and into the mouths of some of the most vulnerable people in our city.

This year, we’re going again and hoping everyone can get behind the campaign once more as we do our very best to support a fantastic local charity.

To kick things off, the Roker Rapport Podcast have made a donation of £11,500 which we hope will encourage others to do whatever they can to get involved.

So, how can you help?

Well, it’s very straightforward.

First off — you can donate something, small or large, to our GoFundMe page.

If you can’t donate straight away or at all then that’s absolutely fine, as there are other ways you can help. Sharing the link to the page on social media or encouraging your friends and family to get involved is just as good as donating money, as it helps us spread the word.

Let’s create a movement together!

We’ve got lots coming up over the course of the next month to help with our fundraising efforts, so help us get off to the best possible start by supporting where you can.

SAFC 365 - Buy our book, all profits go to SCSK

Another way you can help is to buy our NEW book - SAFC 365!

Supporting Sunderland doesn’t just mean you turn up at the ground five minutes before kick-off twenty odd times a season. It can be an all-consuming passion that takes over your life for weeks and months at a time. This lovingly created 400 page anthology maps out some of the ups and downs that following SAFC in such a way can bring, with an article for each day of the year, covering many of the great stories from the history of SAFC.

Inspired by Roker Report’s popular On This Day feature and strikingly designed and published by A Love Supreme, this is the perfect book for those that would like to learn about the club or wish to relive the treasured moments that they witnessed first-hand.

These memories, when experienced with loved ones or complete strangers even, have helped foster the strong sense of community felt amongst both the Stadium of Light fanbase and city as a whole and will now continue to do so in their retelling.

All profits from the sales of this book will go to support the magnificent efforts of the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen (SCSK).

Established in 2019, the SCSK volunteers work tirelessly to combat hunger and poverty in Sunderland. Operating out of their warehouse base in Hendon, they offer food, supplies and other practical support to the members of society that need it the most, no matter what their circumstances, and their kitchen at Albert’s Place in High Street West is a valuable hub of hope and compassion.


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