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Roker Rapport Podcast: Reaction to the recent run of poor performances from Sunderland!

Aye it looks as though we've been quiet but unfortunately for you all it was merely preparation for an extremely busy month for ourselves and the Lads... Our Gavin sat down with Martin to talk about the last couple defeats at the hands of Plymouth and that Huddersfield horror show and try to work out why we're in the situation we are.

What's the crack?

  • If the 2-0 loss to Plymouth wasn't enough misery for one week we were treated to an absolute feast of terrible football on Wednesday night as we lost at home to Huddersfield Town; Safe to say it's not gone down well.
  • What exactly is Tony doing?
  • Without Clarke taking games by the scruff we look pretty toothless for all our possession; What should we (or Mogga in this case) be doing to solve this pretty significant issue?
  • He may have just got a contract extension but does Patrick Roberts deserve to start at the moment?
  • Just how much of a impact has losing our ability to field "proper" full backs to cover full back duties had on our ability to play our natural game?
  • The Lads look back over the last 8 games or so and try to analyse our results, are we actually at risk yet?
  • How many chances will Mowbray get before KLD and Speakman decide to change things up? We know moods can change fast with a few good results but are we confident we can get those results in this run?
  • Looking forward to Millwall then?
  • All this catharsis and more! Ha'way the Lads!

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