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Fan Letters: Ant & Dec and Alan Shearer seem to have plenty to say about Sunderland...

Does it bother you that some mag whoppers enjoy having a pop at Sunderland on the telly? It’s certainly riled up RR reader Peter Milton, who can’t understand the point of it all... Got something to say? Email us:

Dear Roker Report,

Perhaps it is me being immature, but I am sick to death of certain so-called celebrities having a pop at our club. Only recently, Ant and Dec thought it hilarious to mention Sunderland in a negative light (whilst at the same time only showing their ignorance as they are just up the road anyway). Then we have good old Alan Shearer. This failed Manager thought it hilarious when he said something regarding how he would play for Sunderland if he could score an own goal and guarantee relegation.

What’s wrong with these clowns, and especially Shearer? I have never heard the likes of Quinn or Superkev continually having pops at those up the road. Wouldn’t you think that Shearer in particular would have more about him, given he is a so-called “expert” on TV?

I just don’t get it. These idiots will only serve to inflame what is already a very spiky situation regarding both clubs. Of course I can’t stand Newcastle, but I am nothing in the grand scheme of things and my views aren’t likely to land in a million sitting rooms any time in the near future.

Like I said, maybe me being immature, but I do wish these morons would grow up.

Peter Milton

Ed’s Note [Gav]: It doesn’t really bother me that much - it’s just part and parcel of the rivalry I suppose. Ant and Dec aren’t funny enough to write their own jokes so I doubt they even came up with what they said the other night themselves, even though it was shit crack.

They’re better off ignored. Everyone in the world knows that mags are a bunch of nuggets, they don’t need our help in exposing it. Social media has only helped to highlight this further!

Wrexham v Sheffield United: Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round
Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Have to admit that it concerns me that Ballard keeps going away with Ireland and getting injured. By my count this is the third international break in a row where it has happened.

I want our players to live out their dreams and to play for their countries but not at the cost of Sunderland. Ballard is a key player who is integral to our way of playing.

If I were Mowbray I’d seriously reconsider my stance on allowing players to go away if there’s a risk they’ll go half-fit or it’s a pointless game.

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I know the very top clubs do this - Manchester United were famous for it when Alex Ferguson was in charge - but I’m not really sure we’re in the position to start demanding players don’t go away with their countries.

It could cause a lot of unnecessary bother and for a lot of players, international football is very important to them and we’d risk upsetting and even losing players if we had such a stance.

I agree though, it’s irritating that Ballard keeps coming back injured but it’s probably just bad luck - and given the way he plays, it’s likely he’s always going to be carrying injuries, because he puts his body on the line.

Northern Ireland v Finland - UEFA EURO 2024 Championship Qualifier Photo By Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Watched Chris Rigg play for England, he looked very good and grabbed an assist. Can’t help but feel we have a real star on our hands and we have to harness that potential sooner rather than later. Which I am sure we will, but still...

Kyle Christie


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