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Sunderland v Rotherham United - Sky Bet Championship - Stadium of Light

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Fan Letters: “I have been irritated by ongoing misinformation...”

In today’s RR mailbag we have a call to improve updating the club website as well as a suggestion for increasing the fear of Ballard and a chant for O’Nien. Got something to say? Email us:

Photo by Will Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I have been irritated by ongoing misinformation and a failure to update information on the official club website for most of this season and I wonder if highlighting it through your pages may spark the club into doing something about it.

This came to light at the back end of August when a friend of mine, wondering if I would like to go to an event on the evening of the 2nd September, consulted the fixtures page, where despite the fact the game had been rearranged to a 12.30 kick off was still showing it as being at 3.00pm.

Consequently, thinking I wouldn’t be home in time, assumed I wouldn’t be able to make the evening event. The Cardiff game, put back a day because of the Women’s international still showed it as taking place on a Saturday for at least three weeks after the change.

None of the fixture changes (except Sheffield Wednesday which was done almost instantly) were updated for weeks and as I write on 3rd October, the Birmingham game is still being shown as a 3.00pm kick off even though this was altered last week.

Sunderland v Watford - Sky Bet Championship
Mason Barstow checking out what time kick-off is on the website...
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

As the website is the obvious place for our own supporters, away fans and neutral visitors who may wish to attend a game to visit for up to date info, surely the club has a duty of care to ensure that such vital information is accurate and trustworthy.

If it hasn’t already happened I can envisage people missing a game because they relied on details shown on the website. I have e-mailed the club several times about this and asked someone to mention it to Chris Waters but as yet nothing has improved.

Finally, although less important, the squad numbers of our four deadline day signings have still not been added to the 1st Team Squad’s page. It’s a bit much when Wikipedia has carried this info for months but the official website hasn’t got round to it yet.

In the light of all the good things that are going on around the club at the moment, the updating of the website seems very unprofessional and presents the club in a poor light.


Malcolm Dawson

Ed’s Note [Chris]: I can’t remember which game it was earlier in the season but we had noticed the same thing actually, and pretty sure we gave someone a nudge about.

I have just checked myself (5th October) and the Birmingham game is still incorrect on the website so your point checks out. It really isn’t much to ask that the club has the most up-to-date information, but unfortunately this ties in with many other areas off the field at the moment.

Dear Roker Report,

As a young lad in the Clock Stand I remember the excitement of the “Charlie, Charlie” chants every time Sunderland won a corner. Should we not now be chanting “Ballard” in the same way? It could make some opposition defenders very nervous.

Rob Doran

Ed’s Note [Chris]: Might not have quite the same ring to it, but he is proving to be an asset at either end of the pitch on set-pieces and if there’s anything like this that can help him along the way then I’m all for it.

Sheffield Wednesday v Sunderland - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I think we’d all agree our home atmosphere is a bit flat and we could do with a catchy song - not sung at 100mph that will get everyone bouncing.

What are your thoughts on this effort for Mr Sunderland. Inspired by Liverpool’s chant for VVD to the tune of Dirty Old Town.

He’s our centre half

Played midfield before

Watch him defend

and we’ve watched him score

He’ll pass the ball straight down the line

Super Luke O’Nien, Super Luke O’Nien

Hopefully you can get this one shared.

Best wishes


Ed’s Note [Chris]: Feel free to get that belted out Ali, see if it catches on. It did sound a bit flat against Watford but I’m sure the Boro game will be completely different.

When it comes to anthems some are better than others, like the ones Sheffield United, Aston Villa and Birmingham City have - those that go on forever make me cringe a bit, but each to their own.

Sunderland v Cardiff City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Michael Driver/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images


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