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Fan Letters: Mogga loves chewing on kets during press conferences... and it’s irritating Liam!

Some striking similarities are playing havoc with older eyes, and Tony Mowbray’s chewing and munching during press conferences has really got RR reader Liam’s goat. Got something to say? Email us:

Dear Roker Report,

Ok, as a 75 year old my eyesight isn’t that good but is anyone else having problems when Burstow and Jobe are on the pitch together? When Burstow went off on Friday night it made it easy for me to pick out Jobe but then Tony brings Seelt on and he is the same height and build. At least Ekwah has a different haircut from the other three. Can I suggest that Seelt, Burstow and Jobe dye their hair different colours to help these old eyes?

Bjorn Shigg

[Letter was sent prior to the Sheff Wed game]

Dear Roker Report,

We have lost 2 games out of 8 - not bad considering the bottom 3 with hardly a point between them after 8 games each. Our fans moan when we lose a game and the pessimists start on about removing the Head Coach, but T.M. is keeping us on track to go up, so what the ‘ell are they on about? We cannot win every game so let it rest.

I think one of the reasons why we are losing at home is maybe the fans who expect miracles at home, and possibly this is upsetting the players who are doing their best.

The “Roker” roar is one of the best in the country, so let’s keep backing the team, and keep the moaning to a minimum.

Bill Calvert

Hello Roker Report,

I may just be being pedantic but does anyone else cringe at TM’s press conferences when hes chewing on chocolate or sweets?

Pre-match press conferences are a formality and I find it really unprofessional to see our manager having a mid-morning feast before our eyes.

I am surprised that by now, he has not been told to save his breakfast for before or after the press conference.

Anyone else agree?



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