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Roker Rapport Podcast: The Middlesbrough v Sunderland AFC Preview w/ The Tw12th Man Podcast!

As part two of our Saturday double bill, our Chris Wynn was joined by Stephen Jackson of Boro Podcast - Tw12th Man - to look ahead to Sunderland’s first trip to the Riverside since February 2018, as Middlesbrough legend Tony Mowbray returns to his old stomping grounds with the Red & White army in tow!  

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What’s the crack?

  • Been a while hasn’t it…
  • How have our southern cousins been the past few years? Have they missed us at all?
  • What are the thoughts on Teeside about Sunderland’s recent appointment of Mogga? He’s quite well liked down there, so will he get a good reception from the home crowd?
  • Chris has a quick rummage about the history of our regional neighbours, and gets Stephen’s thoughts on what exactly these games are; Is it a derby? Do they care? Do we care? Are we both pretending we don’t care because we don’t know if the other one actually does?
  • How is Chris Wilder managing at the Riverside - are the Boro fans content or are things looking a bit dicey for him currently?
  • What do the lads think would be a fair result, and are there any nerves ahead of this one?
  • All this and more!

ICYMI: as mentioned above we also have a nice little reaction pod covering SAFC’s transfer dealings from our Gav and Craig, which should be sat just behind the pod you’re listening to now if you fancy a bit more Lads chatter before the game!

Enjoy your weekend and Ha’way the Lads!

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