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Kevin Phillips scores

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Fan Letters: Speakman praise, criticism of the Stadium, and the hunt for SKP’s missing penalties...

The Stadium of Light needs an overhaul, says RR reader Paul – plus play-off dreaming and Kevin Phillips pens...

Dear Roker Report,

Just to change the subject away from how we are currently performing.

It is about the current state of the Stadium.

The place needs a bit of an overhaul.

My main gripe is the current condition of the male toilets, (obviously, I can’t comment on the females) but maybe they can put their 10 pence worth in as well? Because that’s all that had been spent on them over the last few seasons.

So here goes:

Hot water? Maybe if you’re lucky.

Hand dryers are very temperamental, when if working, also hanging of the walls.

Then there is the wall, absolutely mining, especially under the dryers, build up of dried water on the wall – black and horrible.

Never been cleaned since two seasons ago, they were in the same condition at the start of this season as last.

Then there’s the concourse a drab and dingey place. Yes I know the pitch, players and the running of the club comes first, I wonder what visitors think about these conditions.

If the SOL is on the shortlist for the Euros, the KLD better get his paintbrush out and start tidying the place up.

Keep up the good work.


Ed’s note [Martin]: The stadium’s 25 years old now and looking tired – it absolutely needs some money invested into it to smarten things up Paul, especially if we’re wanting to not only host the Euros, but attract concerts etc to the place. Understandably it’s been low down the list of priorities for a while now, but it’s getting to the point where it’s increasingly noticeable and needs attention.

A general view of the Stadium of Light
25 years old now... time for a freshen up?

Dear Roker Report,

I’m trying to work out SuperKev’s penalties at Sunderland.

I have 23/26 as the Absolute Record book says he took 26...

Does anyone on your team know the answers, please?

Matty Grainger

Ed’s note [Martin]: Thanks for the email Matty – does anyone have any answers? One of the lads mentioned a miss against Bristol City in 98-99...

Dear Roker Report,

We look good now... imagine what we’ll be like with a fully fit squad?

Speakman said we have ensured we have two players for every role. I know it’s almost impossible to keep everyone fit, but getting Ballard and Stewart back in the team in the new year will be a massive boost. With a few more tweaks to the squad if we keep the current form up, we could be playoff contenders this season the way things are going.

Fingers crossed.

John Scholes

Ed’s note [Martin]: Fingers crossed indeed John. I think injuries plus how the new lads really acclimatise to the championship will determine where we finish, but it’s been a very positive start all things told, and we’ve built a good squad that we’ll hopefully improve further in January. My pre-season prediction was 10th, and I’d still be very happy with that.


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