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Sunderland fans - we need you! Vote for Roker Report as Best Club Content Creator at the FCAs!

We’ve made the shortlist for ‘Best Club Content Creator’ at this year’s Football Content Awards - but to bring the silverware home to Wearside, we need YOUR help!

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for Sunderland AFC and our fans, and but as we enter the final few months of 2022, there’s an opportunity to look back and take stock.

At Roker Report is written by and for Sunderland supporters, and we’re really proud of what our team of writers, editors and podcasters produce. We also love the interactions we have with our readers and listeners, which help us to shape the content we create.

Like other fan outlets across England right now, we are humbly asking for your nominations for this year’s Football Content Awards 2022 in the ‘Best Club Content Creator’ category!

The deadline for this first stage is Sunday 9th October, so please do vote now.

How can I vote?

It’s simple, really! There are two ways...

1) Click ‘vote now’ below!

2) Tweet your vote!

Click the link below which will auto-populate a tweet that you can post that also counts as a vote - another really simple way to help!


Here is a little reminder of what we’ve done over the past 12 months or so...

Best Club Content Creator - Football League (

In the last year we have produced over 2,000 articles covering every aspect of the on-field and off-field goings on at our beloved club.

From match previews and reports, tactical analysis, and opinion to opposition voices, social issues, and football memories, we hope that there’s always something interesting for you to read 365 days a year on our website.

We have used our platform and profile to raise over £100,000 to support the amazing work of the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen since 2021, and we thank every single person who contributed amounts big and small to this crucial cause.

This fundraising effort included our unique 24 hour Twitter Space that involved Sunderland fans across the globe alongside huge SAFC figures such as Peter Reid, Julio Arca, Luke O’Nien, Mel Reay, Gordon Armstong, Alex Rae, and so many more.

To hear Andrea from SCSK on the brink of tears as the marathon came to a close was one of the best, most moving things we’ve experienced.

We also give voice to the football issues that matter most to you - our readers, and provide a space for Sunderland fans to get their thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, concerns and criticisms off their chest through our Fan Letters and Readers’ Corner features.

These reader contributions have provoked us into campaigning mode on more than one occasion - on issues such as racism and, most recently, customer service problems, and our comment and editorial pieces never shy away from confronting the powers that be when we feel there’s a need for action by the club.


  • Talking Tactics - regular in-depth analysis of Sunderland’s performances using stats, charts and expert insights. Cole Young, Brandon Feeley and Charlotte Patterson put their WyScout accounts to great use to provide the kind of insights into our games that are rare in fan media.
  • Roker Ramble - the irreverent side of the blog where our best writers bring their unique style to bear on the hottest topics in football. Sometimes controversial, always essential, these are some of the most popular pieces on our site.
  • Crypto Analysis - in Summer 2022, Donald and Methven’s shares in Sunderland were subject to a bid from an NFT merchant. Davey Browne was quickly on the case to give our supporters all the information they needed to see through the technobabble. In an unforeseen twist, the article was picked up by the Financial Times as recommended reading.
  • On This Day - our continuing series of daily historical articles covering the whole 140-odd years of Sunderland AFC in detail is now in its third season. We’ve refreshed our lineup of regular writers to include people like Andrew Smithson, whose archive of material has brought a new energy to the format.

Our Podcast!

The Roker Rapport Podcast has been going since 2016 and, hundreds of episodes later we’re still finding new and interesting people to speak to as well as giving our reactions to. This year we’ve interviewed former coach Ricky Sbragia and form captain Max Power, commentary legends Mark Saggers and Clive Tyldesley, as well as a regular cast of familiar local media voices like Nick Barnes and Simon O’Rourke.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our guests and the quality of our sound - editor Sean putting in many late night shifts to ensure that slightly dodgy audio is remastered into something that’s not only interesting but also a pleasure to listen to.

Our hosts and panelists work hard to bring the light and shade of supporting Sunderland and bring it fans wherever in the world they may be. Our post-Wembley celebration series was quickly followed by our crypto emergency series. We push out swift reaction pods after games and we give you our thoughts as big news breaks around the club.

Every single penny of the revenue from the podcast, which gets tens of thousands of listens across all platforms every week, goes directly to our partners at Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen to benefit the most vulnerable people in our city. So every time you tune in and listen through the adverts, you’re helping to feed and clothe those in need.


Fan Letters: “Could Sunderland go for great great brill brill, wicked wicked Will Still?”


“Michael Beale & Sunderland was a fruitless and ultimately failed relationship”


On This Day (22nd Feb 1977): Sunderland smash West Brom for six as the mini revival continues!

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