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Roker Rapport Jewicast: VAMOSSSSSSSSSSS - The Watford 2-2 Sunderland AFC Review!

The lads - Gav, Chris and Martin - got together Sunday morning to react to a great result on the road, as Sunderland came from behind twice to bring another Championship point back to Wearside before the international break!

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What's the crack?

  • How are we all feeling after yesterday’s result?
  • AJI LAD - Alese gets his first professional goal with a bit of help from that fangled goal line technology!
  • Not everyone had the best of days but Sunlun once again found a way!
  • What did the lads make of the overall performance? What about those youngsters brought on from the bench eh? Some serious talent there…
  • Matete, Diallo, Ba, Bennette - The future looks extremely bright!
  • Team spirit and camaraderie - Class to see the Lads all fighting for one another and looking after the new arrivals;
  • Tony f***in’ Mowbray is the absolute boyo so the lads start that ‘waxing lyrical’ business as they go over all the reasons they believe Mogga is the perfect fit for SAFC!
  • The Lads are buzzing, the fans are buzzing, the gaffer is buzzing - Watford aren’t buzzing - so what do we do now for a couple weeks?


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