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Deadline Day Live: Join the RR crew tonight @ 8pm on Twitter Spaces as we react to the action!

Who will go? Who will stay? Who will we sign?! Join us tonight at 8pm for an interactive Podcast over on Twitter Spaces as we react LIVE to all things Sunderland!

Happy transfer deadline day, folks!

Have you got your yellow tie at the ready?

Move over Jim White - there’s a new crew in town, and they’re catering to Sunderland fans.

I say new - we’ve been doing Deadline Day live shows for a few years now, going back to the days of Google Hangouts on Youtube, but since the advent of Twitter Spaces we’ve carried on the tradition and are back once again tonight from 8pm to dissect all the transfer news from a Sunderland perspective.

Who will go?

Who will stay?

Who will we sign?

Or will nowt happen at all?!

We have no idea, but we’ll be there anyway!

How can I listen and take part?

It’s dead simple - all you need to do is click ‘set a reminder’ on the link below or, if you can’t be arsed to do that, just head over to the Roker Report twitter page at 8pm and click on the Spaces link there. Easy peasy.

The beauty of Twitter Spaces is that you can take part too - it’s not just for RR folk!

All you have to do if you want to jump in and have your say is press ‘Request to Speak’ once the show is live, and we’ll bring you in to have your day.

So - grab a cuppa or a beer, stick Sky Sports News on mute, and tune in to us instead.

See you tonight at 8!


Pause for thought


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