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Roker Rapport Podcast: Welcome Mogga! Tony Mowbray is the Sunderland AFC Head Coach!

Gav and Martin joined one another just now to quickly react to the worst kept secret in Sunlun, as Tony Mowbray steps in to replace Alex Neil as Sunderland head coach!

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What’s the crack?

  • Been a funny week hasn’t it...
  • Happy with the appointment? Blackburn fans are full of praise and Boro fans feel sick right now - how do the lads think it’s gone down with our fans?
  • The departure of AN may have sent shockwaves initially but the club don’t seem to be letting it get in the way of getting business done - some interesting signings on the way...
  • How we feeling ahead of tonight’s game against Rotherham?
  • Just a quick one lads and lasses, we’ll be back soon! Ha’way the lads and All Hail Mogga!

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