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Roker Rapport Special: An Exclusive Interview with broadcasting Legend - Clive Tyldesley!

Where do we even begin? Our Chris Wynn had the wonderful opportunity recently - just as the UK last heated to boiling point - to sit down for a chat with the absolute legend that is Clive Tyldesley!

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I’m not going to try to write down absolutely everything spoken about here - but to be brief - this is a frank, open and honest discussion about:

Clive’s work in the industry since the mid 70’s, his most memorable experiences, the inspirational characters met along the way, his feelings about the way the game has changed for journalists and broadcasters, his views on the role of fan media like ourselves, his friendships with players and managers alike, the history of the Premier League, the nostalgia of Roker Park and the older stadiums, the dark days of Heysel and Hillsborough, his love of Reidy and Brace, his favourite World Cup, his most memorable matches, the hardening of supporters to their rivals, his experiences with Brian Clough, his love of Saint & Greavsie, Newcastle imploding at home against little old Sunlun, and even a bit of chat about social media, politics and the world we live in today.

Aye. We’d like to thank Clive again for the time he gave up in a busy week - it was a privilege to have him on - and as usual thank you all for listening. Enjoy the show!

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