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Roker Rapport Podcast: The Sunderland 2-2 QPR Review and more Steve Davison data nonsense!

Gav returns with Phil and Martin to look at the 2-2 draw against QPR on Saturday in a bit more detail, as well as getting a few things off their chests regarding the administrative side of the club...  

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What’s the crack?

  • Now everyone’s had time to think on it, how are the lads feeling about the performance from Sunderland overall - including that mad 5 minutes or so that resulted in us taking one point rather than three;.
  • Which players stood out - besides the obvious strike partnership of Stewart and Simms?
  • Ballard break? As of the time of recording the lads couldn’t confirm the severity of the injury but reacted to the likelihood that we won’t be seeing our new CB for a while...
  • Alex Neil’s game management; there’s been a little bit of criticism levelled at the manager after the removal of Simms and the change in formation, what do the lads think about it all? Is AN responsible for the madness at the end there?
  • Steve Davison; Our COO seems to be struggling with the concept of running a large football club.
  • Why have we not employed more staff when we’re clearly short? Why is the club so far behind off the pitch? Is there a real desire to improve immediately from the board as well as Davison?
  • Is KLD even aware we’re being ran like a conference side when it comes to ticketing, marketing and merchandising? You’d hope someone above Davison has noticed something?
  • Why has Chris Waters been left in the position of seemingly having to deal with all this again this year despite it not technically being his job to do? A thought for the staff we do have who can’t get the help they need to help us fans…
  • Gav reads out a few worrying emails from fans received as we were recording yesterday;
  • Aye. There’s a lot going on.

Ha’way the Lads and hire more staff!

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