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Roker Rapport Podcast: (P)review looking at all things SAFC ahead of Sunderland v QPR!

Gav, Martin and Chris assembled immediately after the Sheffield Wednesday match to discuss everything related to the Lads this week.

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Aye we had a slight technical hitch this week, so our plucky podcasters gathered themselves - just after a forgettable cup outing against Sheffield Wednesday - to go over everything we’ve missed since Saturday evening and looking ahead to our return home this weekend against QPR!

What’s The Crack?

  • Everything is on the agenda - so where do we start?
  • Alex Neil - what do the lads make of our gaffer’s start to our Championship campaign?
  • Do we think he gives a monkeys about exiting the League Cup?
  • Should the players given a chance to perform have actually tried to perform Wednesday night... or were they already resigned to not playing this Saturday afternoon?
  • Our win over Bristol City was a lot nicer wasn’t it - so what do the lads make of young Ellis Simms?
  • No return for Broadhead - How do the lads feel about that?
  • Looking at QPR this Saturday - What do we think our chances are of coming away with our first home victory of the season?
  • All this and more!

Apologies for the wait lads and lasses!

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