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Lasses Podcast: The story of women’s football with special guest, author Carrie Dunn!

Charlotte sat down with one of the greats of women’s football writing and academia, Carrie Dunn, to talk Lionesses & the future of the English game. Give it a listen today!

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Well, it’s been a manic summer with the Euros and all that... and before the new Lasses season gets going, we’ve got a perfect pallet cleanser.

Our special guest is Carrie Dunn - writer, broadcaster, author, and all-round pioneer of the football media. Our analyst and football bookworm Charlotte Patterson makes her hosting debut.

What’s the crack?

  • Being a childhood Luton Town supporter and teenage activist turned off men’s football by Mike Newell’s sexism. Watch “Trouble at the Top”
  • The progress made in the coverage of the game over the years
  • Carrie’s book ‘Unsuitable for Females’: The Rise of the Lionesses and Women’s Football in England - the stories of women in the game over 150 years
  • The Lionesses’ success this summer and its impact
  • The risks and benefits of the commercialisation of the game

Buy Carrie Dunn’s book here and follow her on twitter @CarrieSparkle

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Ha’way The Lasses!


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