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Roker Rapport PubCast: Quick reaction to Sunderland 1-1 Coventry!

Our Ant Waterson and Mike Dunne met up at the Hilton after the game to give us their immediate reaction to Sunderland’s Championship opener against Coventry at the Stadium of Light!

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What’s The Crack?

  • Aye it really was a game of two halves, maybe three thirds. The lads go over the negatives before the positives so stick with it.
  • What did they make of that ref?
  • How good is it to be back?
  • What did they make of the overall performance?
  • We’ll take the point aye? Solid start to the season?

Gav and Co will be back tomorrow with a full detailed review of the game as usual...

HAWAY THE LADS and good luck to the Lionesses!

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