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ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: TFT or not TFT - The SAFC ownership saga continues w/ Sky Sports’ Tom White!

Aye, it’s all kicked off again. After a few weeks of elation, the minority shareholders at the club have decided to accept a bid from a crypto group by the name of TFT, and chaos/panic/rage has once again gripped Sunlun social media. So Rich sat down with our friend and fellow supporter Tom White - who broke the news on Twitter about the deal - to get his thoughts on it all... particularly the difficulties surrounding releasing information to his fellow fans without us suffering a collective nervous breakdown.

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What’s the crack?

  • Well that’s the crack there. Not Charlie washing up his stash of Columbia’s finest... but instead himself and Stewart Donald have apparently accepted a bid for their 39% stake in Sunderland AFC from a group heavily involved in cryptocurrency. Aye.
  • How did Tom come by the news, and what does he know about the deal as it stands?
  • What do we make of the statement released by Kyril Louis-Dreyfus about the news?
  • Is it possible to disclose information *as a journalist* without running the gauntlet of fan outrage?
  • How is Tom feeling about it all, and the reaction he’s had personally to... doing his job?
  • What does Rich - who has been speaking to people familiar with this group extensively - feel about the possibility of a sale to these people?
  • Are we looking forward to talking about the footy again? I know I am.
  • All this and more! Don’t shoot the messenger lads and lasses.

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