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Derby County v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship

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Interview: Derby fan Jason thinks Ravel Morrison would thrive on a big atmosphere at Sunderland!

Given Sunderland’s recent link with Ravel Morrison, we spoke to Derby fan Jason Straw of the Rams Review Podcast to find out if the Jamaican international is worth the gamble...

Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Matthew Crichton: When people hear Ravel Morrison they often think of discipline issues and wasted potential, how would you describe his time at Derby?

Jason Straw: Ravel was a bit hit and miss in the opening period of the season which resulted in him being dropped from the side around Christmas. He clearly earned his chance back in training and in the second half of the season, he was much better.

When he was sent off against Forest for a rash challenge, you could clearly see the difference without him in the games he missed. At the back end of the season, he scored crucial goals for Derby and the fans want him to stay.

MC: The 29-year-old played more games in a single season for Derby than he has during any other season, what do you think was behind him playing more consistently?

JS: I think Wayne Rooney was a big factor in Ravel’s achievements last season.

He is a player that needs an arm around him at times and someone to believe in him to get the best out of him, which Wayne was able to do. Also, there may be a part of it that he has matured and has returned to England with a point to prove.

Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Sky Bet Championship
The ex-Manchester United midfielder scored five goals and assisted four more during 38 matches for Derby last season.
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

MC: Alongside the likes of Tom Lawrence and Curtis Davies, Morrison was one the most experienced in the Derby dressing room, did he ever come across as a leadership figure who was great with younger players?

JS: From what we saw he was definitely an experienced figure who helped the youth lads as much as he could. He is a technically gifted player and his professionalism was never really questioned.

MC: The ex-Manchester United midfielder played in various positions for Derby last season, where would you say he is most effective?

JS: Definitely in the number ten role as he loves getting on the ball and dictating play with an eye for goal. He was used further back in midfield to utilise his passing abilities but it did mean that we lose out on his threat going forward.

Sheffield United v Sunderland AFC - Carabao Cup Third Round
Morrison last featured against Sunderland during a Carabao Cup back in 2019 whilst playing for Sheffield United.
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

MC: Morrison has started to play regular football with Jamaica, scoring in a 3-1 win earlier this month, do you think this has contributed to him playing football more regularly with fewer issues?

JS: He has clearly enjoyed his time back with his national squad and has put in some pretty solid appearances for both his club and country. If you are enjoying your football that usually leads to solid performances.

MC: Lastly, if you were Morrison, who would you be most interested in joining out of Preston, Huddersfield and Sunderland?

JS: I think Sunderland would be a good choice for him as he thrives on a big atmosphere and he would certainly get that at the Stadium of Light.


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