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Roker Rapport Podcast: A week in the life of SAFC - Why can’t we just be a normal club?

Well it’s been a weird week or so as an SAFC fan, leaving a few of our editorial group with more questions than answers surrounding all kinds of issues, so Phil West, Rich Speight and Martin Wanless got together to see what they made of it all!

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What’s the crack?

  • The Fans Together, Methven and Donald - some games are likely being played here, how much of a risk is this proposed deal, how likely is it to go any further than it has, and who benefits from the chaos it brings - as it’s certainly not the fans is it?
  • KLD: what would the lads like to see from our Chairman? Minor shareholder’s games aside - should he be showing more commitment to both the immediate and long-term future of the club?
  • Speakman: As we’re on the subject of running things... the sporting director has been chatting recently, so what do the lads make of what he had to say and what do they make of the job he’s done so far?
  • Is club business being impacted by the shareholders infighting? Can Sunderland AFC multitask as an organisation? Would Steve Davison maybe like to get the club shop open properly and fully stocked up perhaps?
  • Transfer rumours have been few and far between so far but there’s been a couple keepers mentioned - what do the lads make of the names we’ve heard? Do we think young Patto has completely secured his place in the Championship in the eyes of Alex Neil?
  • Hoffmann v SAFC - Our former keeper has not been kind to the club in a recent interview back in Germany, and the club itself has responded to this as you would imagine it might... Bit of legal action on the horizon?
  • Recapturing the momentum and the narrative - has the club let all these recent developments distract from keeping hold of that promotion winning feeling?
  • Speaking of promotion - and to try lighten the mood a bit - Martin tells us all about his epic journey from Australia to see the lads win at Wembley, and what happened next...

The mood is not lightened.

Seriously lads and lasses, we need the footy back.

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