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Roker Rapport Podcast: Sunderland are promoted! (Part Three - The Management!)

Rich, Gav and Chris sat down to finish the promotion Pod trilogy with a discussion surrounding the Sunderland management saga this year - looking at the rise and fall of Lee Johnson, the rise and rise of Alex Neil, the decision making of Kristjaan Speakman and the recruitment team. As well as a quick look over the players let go by the club, and the contact negotiations currently underway!  

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What’s the crack?

  • How happy are the lads that - despite the chaos of that transition from one manager to another - we have Alex Neil at the helm now?
  • How much credit does the gaffer get for his handling of everything since his arrival, and what did they make of his approach to the final against Wycombe?
  • What do they think are the main differences between the two men who took charge of our campaign this season - it appears both did exactly what we were told they were brought in to do doesn’t it?
  • Kristjaan Speakman - all things considered, has he done enough to convince fans he’s the man for the job? Has the appointment Alex Neil - now promotion has been achieved - saved his skin?
  • Recruitment - We’ve had more hits than misses this season, so could we have done better? Who actually gets the credit for certain signings, and how many do the lads think we need to bring in through this transfer window?
  • How happy are the lads looking at the retained list, and did any of the releases and contract offers surprise anyone?
  • How many times have we watched last weekend back?
  • All this and much more - Cheers for listening lads and lasses!

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