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Roker Rapport Podcast: Sunderland win the Playoff Final! (Part Two - The Match!)

Part two of what is turning into a series of podcasts surrounding Sunderland’s promotion over the weekend - in this episode Rich, Phil and Bomber reflect on their own experiences and discuss the match itself - with a tablespoon of tactical analysis and a sprinkling of hero worship...

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What’s the crack?

  • How is everyone feeling a few days after the event?
  • What were the lad’s experiences in the stands - and at home - at key moments during the game?
  • Which players stood out for Sunderland, and who do the lads think flew under the radar a bit?
  • Alex Neil’s tactical nous shone through on Saturday - what did everyone make of the way he approached the game?
  • Why did Phil not give everyone a 10/10 in the RR player ratings? What does he have to say for himself?
  • Luke O’Nien is nominated for man of the year/future PM...
  • How proud are we of the players and the fans?
  • All this and more to come - as the lads milk this winning feeling for as long as possible!

As Sacko says - it’s special.

How can I listen?

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